3 Best Meditation Tips For The Busy People

Many people know about meditation and know how beneficial it can be. Yet, they never tried, or they never had enough time to practice. Living life these days is full of the things that we need to do every day. Somehow maybe it doesn’t give us enough space for doing what we would like to do. Whatever it is, often we postponed to start with something we’re excited about, cause they’re always more important things. If meditation is this kind of thing in your life, I prepared the best meditation tips for someone like you.


To meditate is very a natural thing and it doesn’t require anything from you, that you wouldn’t already have. All you need is:


The rest are just benefits, that you will allow coming trough by just simple act of meditating. You just need to want to take an action and then focus on something that will make you aware of the moment. It can be simply your breath, which is the most common technique. There are certain moments during the day, when you can easily incorporate meditation in your action.

Don’t be afraid then. Often we thing that something is impossible, we have many excuses, but that’s not really the truth. Our mind is capable of coming up with wonderful solutions. We just need to, really to want something, then we will find rational and, most often, simple and out of the box ways, to achieve something. Just understand, meditation is easy! All its beneficial potential is waiting there and you need to do is just to want it and take an action.


Eating is a pleasure, that we are craving for. Often when we get food, we truly meditate already but unconsciously The body is taking control, our thought process is running on an instant energy dosage and we have a moment of relief, relax and rest. Why not to use this time for meditation?

All you need to do is to do it mindfully. I don’t think, you should focus on the breath now, there is a more simple way that requires no effort. See that you are already attracted to eating, use it for your advantage. Basically, try to stay aware of every moment and sensation while eating. You may eat slowly but it’s not necessary if you just have a moment. Try to really appreciate joy that it gives you. If sensations of taste and pleasure are coming at first plan, appreciate it.

This is actually powerful exercise. Sensual experiences may get pretty overwhelming. Ideally you should just be mindful, and don’t get lost with it and rather just staying aware. However, there’s no pressure and there’s nothing wrong to go on with fun.

If you do it with a sincere attitude you will see how beautiful it is, just to eat. Such simple thing in life and gives so much excitation. Imagine that this is just a simple body pleasure, and yet how strong it is. There are more meaningful things in life that we can appreciate, that are far more important for us than food. Just put this on the scale and see how powerful potential life carries within.

Just reminded myself this scene from “Into The Wild” movie.


Unfortunately big part of our lives have a lot of to do with waiting. We wait a lot. We wait in queues, to a doctor, for food, in the shop. Sometimes we wait for a friend, cause he’s being late and so on. All these moments are the best for meditation practice. It’s actually great to observe, how awesome opportunity this generates.

People that really know meditation can really appreciate moments like that. They tasted how sweet is to be content with yourself, and be just happy with no reason. This is the place meditation leads to, so next time, you are annoyed you need to wait for something… relax, that’s a gift, some time for yourself.

Now you have the time you wanted. Maybe not exactly for what you wanted to do but it generates perfect moment for meditation practice.

Sometimes life puts us in places that we need to be, and we have no choice. We need to stand in this stupid queues, cause we need to buy stuff, or for getting done something in the bank. When we wait for a bus or at the airport and so on. Just take advantage of this extra time and whatever is happening around you, stay aware. Keep on observing what’s going around without judging, without taking any leads. Same whatever is going on in your thoughts, just keep observing.

Actually when we meditate our thoughts are getting more and more interesting, sometimes we’re finding some answers, for some questions we had before, sometimes creative potential of the mind starting to play, and we may observe many ideas, that it would be a pity not to follow. Well, ideally you should stay aware and observing without giving names to things and thoughts that are of course going on naturally. However, if it happens that you’re following your thoughts excited, that’s fine. What worse can happen, you will laugh to yourself somewhere in the crowd, waiting for your coffee 🙂

Then next time, be grateful for this moment for yourself, when you need to wait for something. That’s a perfect excuse for meditation.


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Often we imagine that performing meditation is only possible alone but, it’s not totally true. You can actually do it really easy when interacting with other people. When we are busy during the day and meeting with many people we don’t know, to meditate within, while interacting with them, might be really a freeing experience. This may be one of the best meditation tips for you here.

By staying aware you will always have a fresh attitude. When you not judge anything and just observing in a meditative state, you’re letting your spontaneity coming through. Most probably by following this tip you will share joy, acceptance and kindness with people you interact. Especially if you know you will see someone only once in life and for a moment, it’s a good opportunity to switch your meditation mode and practice.

Soon you will learn how people are opening to you, however you could judge them before, they will appreciate your sincere attitude. Meditation is being sincere with yourself and, that let the doors open to be honest with others and share what’s the best in you. You may experience, with this, how similar everyone is, and ready to to show his best in return.

It can help with any kind of anxiety you have among others and will help you, not to be afraid of people. By meditating you will put yourself in a state, where you may see things without your personal judgment, hence you will have more objective view on things. However, you will gain some understanding proved by experience. That may give you a lot of confidence.


However busy you are, these 3 best meditation tips for you, might be very helpful. You don’t need to find any special time for it. You don’t need to change anything. All you need to do is to want it. You need to want to meditate and you will find your ways, even if your daily life is full of responsibilities.

It will help you to reduce any kind of stress, you may have. It will help you to be more easy, and joyful, whatever your responsibilities are. You will realize a boost of your creativity. It will be easier to find the most efficient ways to deal with your duties and goals. You will be more relaxed and naturally you will have more humor with people, your interactions become more pleasant and meaningful. If you practice meditation your life will get more centered and there wil be less feeling of wasting time, cause you will have all the time for yourself.

These tips are here only to inspirate you, so feel free to just get an idea and find your own ways. Really looking forward to seeing, if there are maybe any more tips like that, you could add. Please leave a comment below also, if there is anything you would like to talk about connected with topic 🙂

All the best,


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  1. Dario,

    I love your meditation tips. I can use your second tip the most, Don’t Wait – Meditate! I am constantly waiting in lines and waiting for friends who like to be fashionably late. I have plenty of time to meditate while waiting.

    Your article is well written and I never thought of meditating while eating. What you have written makes complete sense. Eating is something I do everyday so I can easily make the time to take a few minutes to meditate.


    • Hello Courtney!

      Thank you for this comment. I’m very happy you like that tips. Hope they will be very useful for you. Yea, just a little effort to focus when you eat, takes a pleasure of eating to completly different level! It’s really worth of trying.


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