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Hello! Welcome to Sound & Bowl. I’m Dario and I hope you will have a great time with this website. You will be able to learn and explore the world of singing bowls. There will be a lot about meditation in general as well, so I invite you to take advantage of all the information in here. I’m gonna talk about meditation techniques, healing sounds and will be updating you with the interesting stuff that’s going on around within the topic. There will be also related product reviews, so you can be well-informed and choose the best things to improve your experience.


I was always a person that was looking for something ultimate. Somehow deep inside me, I always knew that there is more to life than you can know through your senses or, than they can teach you in school. I was trying to figure out what it is. Therefore, despite being regular guy, I was observing and trying to reach the essence of things. This led me to explore religions, philosophies, science, society, psychology, esoteric and probably many more human related subjects. Literally I even studied philosophy at the University! Along this search I got to know about meditation and for the very long time it is my best friend.

My other the best friend is the music. I play Jimi Hendrix kind of guitar style since I’m a kid. As a guitar player and music fan I explored many genres. Here also I was trying to reach essence of it, learning about music, developing my technique, always trying to sound authentic. Years after years, my search for ultimate and my love for music combined, so I started exploring more spiritual music, instruments, esoteric and scientific knowledge about it and so on. I understood how powerful music can be, how sound and vibrations can influence our mood and health. I understood how beneficial it can be!


One day my friend invited me for singing bowls session. I was already curious enough about the topic to check it out and I was super surprised how strong the impact of this experience was. I felt like the sound traveled all around inside of my body and my head. Sometimes vibrations were so strong it was hard to withstand it. The sound was beautiful, yet mysterious and somehow super neutral. I was used to expecting from the sound and music some mental stimulation, something that plays with my imagination, some mood, some story but nothing like this happened. Singing bowls just took me to here and now, silenced my thoughts, and left me in the very cozy state of being super happy with myself. For three days I was completely zoned out with that in a very positive way!


Sound & Bowl is established to promote meditation with singing bowls, so more people can have this great experience I mentioned above. I want to put my efforts here, so you can find as much as you need about singing bowls in a one place. I will write also much about the meditation itself. I give so much value to the meditation as a practice. To me it’s extremely beneficial device that anyone can learn. Just few minutes of the practice can bring you very positive effects. I believe it’s worth to spread word about. This is something I’m not only interested in but I want to promote immensely.

Especially meditation with singing bowls is very beautiful and powerful device, that I believe can help a lot of people. It eases the mind, putting it in natural state of alertness and relaxing the body. All of that may contribute to heal the mental and physical issues. It is also a great device to look within if you are on your spiritual path. On the other hand maybe you are not a spiritual seeker but you want just to find some way to relax after work or whatever, meditation with bowls is a great way to achieve that. That’s no brainer I guess, it’s a life changing tool!


There may be a chance you’re looking for your own set of bowls, then this website is for you. As far as it’s possible I will try to review different kinds of them, so you can choose something perfect for your practice. There’s a plenty of choice around online. That’s also the reason behind this website, to somehow put information together for your clarity. There are different kind of singing bowls connected to different regions of the world. They have also specific properties, working for different types of things. We can speak about chakras here, synchronizing hemispheres, vibrations and so on. Actually I’m excited to bring it all closer to you and how it relates to particular bowls.

Basically I want to have fun making this site, so you can have fun too enjoying my joyful efforts 🙂 I want to write about the things that will help you, to find a way, to improve the quality of your life. It would be great if I could prove you, that there are simple ways to go over the excuses, and take action for your joy and health. This is easy to meditate! This is maybe not same easy to do it with singing bowls, but I will try to bring it closer to you as much as it is possible through here. Therefore, please! Take it all, for your good! Happy to share my effort with you!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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