Crystal Singing Bowls for Meditation

Crystal Singing Bowls For Meditation – Great Review!

In this post I’m going to explain why it’s great to use crystal singing bowls for meditation. Even though, music isn’t necessary to assist you with meditation, it’s so much easier to let the sound guides you trough it. Music can instantly put you in the meditative state, quiet your mind, with no effort from your side. Isn’t that a miracle?

Imagine, that you play this music, then, you’re a creator and the receiver. You give your energy, translate it into the sound, through your singing bowl, the vibration spreads all over, and coming back to you full of harmony and balance, transformed into the universal language of peace.

To make a bowl sing, a little effort is required, but it’s a lovely effort. To play the bowl, you need to do very relaxing slow motion movements. There is time for everything. Time for deep breathing, time for letting go, time to unify with the sound, when your whole body and mind, gently vibrates in synchronicity, so there’s nothing to think about.

Your mind and body were busy before, taking care of your daily actions, responsibilities and worries. Now, you don’t know, what was that about anymore. Everything is in harmony, pleasantly occupied by your movement and the sound. Now, you see there was always so much space, so much freedom. You may wonder, where’s that joy and sense of satisfaction coming from?


Crystal singing bowls for meditation - quartz
Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash

There is whole philosophy behind quartz crystal singing bowls and why they’re so great for meditation and other things. Basically, they’re 99,99% SiO2, which is molecule based on Silicon and Oxygen. Human body contains around 7 grams of silicon itself.

Enthusiasts of crystal singing bowls states, that silicon in bowls and the one in our bodies perfectly resonates together, what puts the whole body in a deep, penetrating resonance. It’s not only relaxing the body, but can also have an instant healing effect, because of the same molecular language.

I’m writing more about this and about benefits of using crystal singing bowls in the article here.

I’m a skeptic and, as far as I can understand this view, don’t feel any need to agree or disagree with that. What I can say, there’s really something beautiful about the sound of crystal singing bowls. Especially if you hear them life. The sound is not boring, even though you may meditate with the same note for a long time.

It’s like there is many hidden flavors and sugar hidden in these vibrations. Listening to the sound of crystal singing bowls takes you on the journey across your inner universe. All these waves of sound reach all the secret corners of your mind and body.

Sound of crystal bowls is very smooth, gentle, warm and when it vibrates in the body, you feel it like this warm peaceful light penetrates also these hidden parts of you, giving you sense of some intuitive understanding. Sometimes, you don’t know what just happened, but you know for sure, some part of you has been healed.

This sound is often compared to a laser, and even despite all the warmth and smoothness, somehow you feel it touches you directly there, where you obviously need the healing. There is something transparent and pure about how the crystal singing bowls work. That’s why I would definitely recommend meditation with them to everyone, that feels some inner push towards it.


Well, you don’t need to look far to experience, what I’m talking about. Of course, YouTube video will never give you same kind of experience like listening to the bowls live. Anyway, there are some really good videos there, that can be very helpful for meditation.

There’s nothing wrong to put them as a background music for your daily activities. This would definitely give some sense of chill and relax to your daily actions. Sometimes, I’m using these kinds of clips myself. Actually, even now, writing this article. It gives a great sense of space and where, there’s a feeling of some space, there’s also some perspective, some distance to see things more clearly.

However, to have a possibly perfect experience I would recommend dedicating some time, to sit down and officially meditate with crystal singing bowls sound. Maybe put your headphones on, to fully appreciate flavors of them. The other great option is to use some good sound system, some nice speaker, so you can feel the vibration of bowls in the air.

I guess, no more talking needed. Immerse!


The other way to meditate with a crystal singing bowl is to find Sound Bath opportunities in your local area. To do it, it should be enough to type “Sound Bath” or “Sound Healing” together with the name of your town in Google.

However, the most simple way to enjoy meditating with a crystal singing bowl is to get one. There’s quite a big choice on the market these days, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find something interesting.

They are unique items, therefore, they hold a certain price. It’s good to know, that they’re made of 99,99% pure Quartz in a very high temperature. Each bowl is unique and despite they look and work in a very simple way, they’re quite advanced instruments. Objects made of the same material are used in optics and computer industry, it’s a high quality product.

On the other hand you have plenty of choice, actually, and it can be quite confusing, when you try to pick something for yourself. I wrote an article about how crystal singing bowls are made, where I also talk about different kinds of them. I believe, it could be helpful if you need to have a better idea.

As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down a special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around. This means, that among others retailers, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Full disclosure.


To meditate with your own crystal singing bowl is enough to just get one of them. I picked an example bowl to explain you, what you may expect from one of those.



Product: Topfund – F note – Heart Chakra – 10″
Price: 114,99$
Place to buy: Amazon
Diameter: 10″
Weight: 7,55 pounds
Tone: F
Material: Quartz Crystal 99,99%
Type: Frosted


  • heavy-duty padded crystal singing bowl carrying case
  • scratch-proof suede texture handbag
  • suede striker
  • O-ring
  • instruction paper

This is very decent crystal singing bowl, somewhere in the middle of the price range, comparing to the other companies across the world. Here you may expect quality and affordability combined.

You actually get more, than sometimes, with other retailers, as you get a case for your bowl. That might turn out to be very useful, when you want to take your bowl somewhere.

The bowl itself is kind of heavy. It’s a frosted type of crystal singing bowl. They’re quite heavy, but solid as well, and that’s an advantage. You’re also getting a classy handbag extra for it and that’s a cool thing.

The O-ring is a support for the bowl, when you play it on the floor or the table. As frosted singing bowl are kind of heavy and the 10″ diameter is quite large for holding it in your hand. Don’t get me wrong, this bowl is not freaking heavy, but getting an O-ring it will be very useful.

You’re also getting a suede mallet, that will help you to get the sweetest sounds out of your bowl. Frosted crystal singing bowls are the most basic option, but they have very deep sound, giving nice vibrating low frequencies.

I’m not a fan of chakra healing, but I never judge it as well. For me this bowl simply plays in the F note, but for many people it is connected to the Heart Chakra, hence you may use this bowl to any kind of healing and meditations relevant to that.





If you feel like, just one bowl is not enough and you want to immerse in the whole range of sounds they generate, then, maybe you should think of getting yourself a set.

Unless you want to pick your bowls individually, one by one, there are some sets on the market with properly selected bowls. What’s important is to keep harmony between bowls. Of course, that’s an issue of personal preference, which notes in which octaves you want to put together, however if you’re not necessary keen to do it yourself, there is opportunity to buy a set already selected for sale.



The most popular sets contain 7 crystal singing bowls. In this particular case, you have frosted bowls, with the sounds of all 7 chakras, according to the modern chakra system. Sizes range between 7″ to 12″. Smaller bowls will play higher tones, more connected to higher chakras, and larger bowls will play lower tones, responsible for bottom chakras, giving more grounding experience to a user.

Here you have something decent enough, where you can expect certain level of quality in an affordable price.



Another very popular pre-selected sets on the market contain 3 crystal singing bowls. Here you have an example of something like that. Three bowls, one 11″ in the C note, medium 9″ bowl in the E note, and the smallest, playing the higher sound 7″ in the G note.

It’s a really nice set. Picked it here, by following the same logic of choice, where the decent price meets the decent quality. When you play different sizes of bowls, you need to have different proper strikers or mallets. So you may expect, that you will get extra devices like that, when you’re going for one of these sets.


It’s amazing to live in the world, when we have so many opportunities, so many ways to choose. Whatever we want to explore, now, it’s easier, than ever. Through the power of the Internet we can reach so much information and to know so much about different things.

I encourage you to try the beauty of meditating with crystal singing bowls and singing bowls in general, as traditional bowls are also cool. Look around my website, if you feel like to know something more about it, you’re very welcome.

I’m glad to share with you this piece of information and I’m really hoping this is helpful for you. If you want to know something more about crystal singing bowls and meditation, or to add something, maybe to share your personal experience or a view, please, don’t hesitate. Leave a comment below!

All the best!


Founder of Sound And Bowl

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  1. I found your article extremely interesting, the fact that it resonates with your mind and body during meditation is something I have never been able to understand before , now it makes perfect sense.

    Meditation is a great way to align your frequency and promote wellbeing.

    The chakras in alignment is something we all strive for, not always easily attained but after reading this I believe it will be a bit easier to achieve 

    • Of course, it makes a perfect sense, simple things usually make a perfect sense. Singing bowls are very simple objects, it’s just all about the vibrations, and what harmonious sound does for our well-being. Chakras, no chakras, for me, it doesn’t matter, Singing bowls just trigger the state of mind, when you can regain your powers and balance. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Hi, Thank you very much for this amazing review on the Crystal singing bowl for meditation. It is actually very educating and I have learned a lot from it. I also love the fact that when it is played, you can do the relax and slow-motion movement, thereby helping you to focus on meditation.

    • Super, then I’m happy you could learn a lot from my article and, that I could bring crystal singing bowls closer to you. Thank you for the comment!

  3. Basically I am a Lover of music, it helps to cool down my head when ever am going through hard times. But I must say crystal singing bowl are really exceptional tools for meditation. Making a bowl sing was a major challenge for me. So I want to say a big thank you for this article for putting up the steps on how make the bowl sing.The steps are even more simpler than I thought.


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