How to focus on meditation?

How To Focus On Meditation? – Tips, That Works!

Do you have troubles meditating and wonder how to focus on meditation? You’re not the only one, it’s the most common obstacle, both for the beginners and some advanced meditators as well. No reason to get disencouraged, it’s something, that supposed to happen and challenge you a little, and to deal with it is simpler than you think.

First of all, you should know, that it’s not like meditation isn’t for you. Meditation is for everyone, cause it’s not something you need to have special talent for. Being a human and having mind is enough. Meditation goes beyond any culture, religion, philosophy and tradition. It’s the essential quality of every mind, and practicing it, enhances you to reach your fullest potential.

Every meditation technique is actually only an excuse for your mind to find rest. In fact, meditation already happens to you many times during a day. Your mind is quiet without you even being aware of that. It’s so natural! Therefore, you should know, that with practice, you will be able to stay in meditative state without any effort, reaping the fruits of peaceful mind, like it’s the air you breath.

Of course, it takes effort at the beginning to stay focused on the practice and here is, where many of us face problems. There are few ways to deal with them. Fortunately, these are very simple tricks, that can significantly improve your practice all the way around, when the effort you need to do will change into fun and exciting adventure.


How to focus on meditation? - Perspective

Meditation isn’t a brand new revolutionary practice. It’s known for ages, possibly, from the very beginning of humanity. The first images of people meditating can have even 7000 years. It’s good to take it out from the pop cultural “new age” context, as there is so much more to it.

Humanity tested this practice through the filter of many cultures, for over thousands of years. There are plenty of books, scriptures and developed practices, that examined meditation from each and every angle. Still, the only way to understand all the wisdom is through your individual practice, because the secret it’s not in the books, but within you.

Any obstacles you may face during the practice are already explained and described, including not being able to sustain focus. It’s just enough to reach for reliable source of knowledge and right guidance if necessary.


How to focus on meditation? - Approach

There are simple ways, that can make you more focused on meditation. Some of them are very basic and are more about set and setting of the whole practice. It’s good to first look closely to this matter, as it might be possible, that your lack of focus actually comes from the way you approached the thing.

Here, you have some basic issues, that is good to think of, when you practice meditation.

  • Make sure you have enough time for the practice, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Dedicate your time, so you don’t need to think about the future and wander around what’s next during the day. Know, that this is the moment just to meditate. This approach will let you focus more.
  • Take care of the right space. Although it’s hard to avoid all the distractions, make sure the place to meditate you choose is as optimal as it gets, so there’s not too loud around, or you can be sure nobody gonna interrupt you by chance. This way you will limit any possible external distractions.
  • Stay comfortable. Whatever meditation technique you choose, don’t forget to keep your body comfortable. With meditation, you’re going beyond the body and mind. Body discomforts could easily steal your attention, making your whole experience not complete. Keeping the body comfortable and sitting still can help your mind to quiet down all the impulses, that comes from the body, hence, there will be much fewer triggers for the thought ideas. This way, what the meditation points to, will be more evident for you, and it will be so much easier to stay focused.
  • Keep the balanced diet. This might looks like it has nothing to do with meditation practice, but it’s actually quite important thing. If your belly is full, you might get sleepy and it will be hard to keep focus. On the other hand, if you are hungry, you will only think of what to get on a plate next. Food has quite impressive impact on the state of our mind. Eating healthy can improve your focus, not only when you meditate.


How to focus on meditation? - Stop

You should know, that it happens to everyone, that after short time your mind goes back into its natural activity. It’s really how it goes. Let’s say you focus on your breath and it goes well for some time, until you find yourself thinking of something completely else after few minutes. Again, natural!

What you should do, it’s to go back to focus on, what your meditation technique tells you to. Therefore, don’t worry you lost it for the moment, just focus on breathing again. Just be persistent and don’t be personal about it. Whenever you’re lost, again, come back to breathing. Slowly it will be easier.

Other thing, don’t let yourself playing this logical games like “there is always some thought, cause to even check if there is no thought, this is already a thought”. This will not be helpful here. If you expect some perfect situation of complete absence of thoughts, then it’s your imagination, and it’s not what the meditation points to.

What you want to achieve by meditating is to discover your true potential, perfect optimization of your mind, body and soul. It can definitely help you with enhancing your health, success, sense of happiness and makes life more beautiful.

It’s not like the thought process ever going to stop, it’s rather more like it will quiet down and you will be able to find peace beyond your mind, beyond your body, and that give your the real power over your life. You will not be so easy to get disturbed ever again, cause whatever thoughts you have, whatever life situations, you will know the peace behind all of it, so you will be always able to act out of your fullest potential.

Therefore, if you think the ongoing thought process is standing against your focus while meditating. Know, that it’s supposed to be like that. To overcome the obstacle is to stay focused on and on, whenever you remind yourself of being taken away. Sooner or later, this will develop a meditation muscle, that always take you back to balance.

Important notice. Especially if you don’t take your practice sincerely enough, the constant reminding yourself to focus again on breathing and so on may become truly annoying. This is this part of the path, when you learn to be gentle with yourself. Don’t judge yourself, that you are not conscious or dedicated enough, just focus on breathing again, keeping yourself absolutely quiet and humble.

Nobody is perfect and it actually happens to everyone. What did you expect? Meditation reveals the truth, exposing ego and all not needed mind patterns. If fact, it shows, that life happens only now and teaching you, how to embrace every now, that is going ever to happen to you.

How to focus on meditation? - Stop thinking


There are much more practical things you can do, than just understanding the nature of the meditation process. Staying focus during the practice is actually an issue of many factors.

That’s why different kind of tips may turn out to be useful for you. I’ve prepared a list of a few, so you can get inspired by them. Truly believe, that you will find something for yourself and it’s going to help you stay focus on your practice.

Let’s start!


Senses are the kind of thing, that you can’t turn off so to speak. You may fall asleep, close your eyes, use earplugs but that’s all. Have you ever noticed an amazing potential in this ongoing feature of human senses? This power, approached in the right way, can be used to help you focus during the meditation. How?

Meditation points you to something beyond senses, but still, similarly like the thoughts, you can’t stop them. As you can’t do anything about that, try to simply occupy them with some conscious effort, that actually can make your practice far more entertaining. What you experience with senses is always happening in the present moment. That’s their power and that’s what meditator is interested about.


How to focus on meditation? - Hearing

That’s going to be a really cool device. I hope you can make great use out of it. Mainly, when you meditate, keep listening everything around. Even if you are in the quiet place, just listen to the silence. In reality, there will be always something to hear around. However, the goal isn’t to look for something to hear, but rather to listen. Just sit and keep on hearing.

Try listening to the spaces in between sounds. If you find yourself somehow carried away, just bring your focus back to hearing. That’s a very beautiful meditation method. Most of the people rely much more on their sights during daily activities. Most probably, you will be surprised how entertaining, the world of sounds is.

So much happens there without any words or stories. Just sound after the sound. I believe, soon you will realize how pleasant and easy is to keep the focus this way. To do this, you don’t need any effort as listening happens by itself anyway. The only effort is of keeping the attention on it, which, soon you will find out, isn’t that hard.


How to focus on meditation? - Singing Bowls

Another cool thing to do is to use singing bowls for your practice. Of course, this kind of meditation needs some physical movement from your side but it’s absolutely worth it. Singing bowls generate a very beautiful sound and their vibrations spread all over the place and all over your body.

The sound and resonance of singing bowls quickly tune with your whole being, relaxing your mind and the body. To play the bowls, you need to perform gracious and meditative movements. Therefore, by playing singing bowls everything is involved into meditation, that’s why keeping the focus is extremely easy.

Meditating with singing bowls can actually bring you faster results, as benefits of meditation and singing bowls add up giving you a very powerful combo. If you keen to try something like this, you may learn more about this in my article right here.


If you don’t have singing bowls, you can always find some nice audio on YouTube, as well as other meditation music audios. There is plenty of great music out there, that can really help you to focus on meditation. You may find amazing playlists on Spotify and so on.

It’s not maybe the purest form of meditating. Still, it can be extremely helpful with keeping the focus during meditation. Especially if you enjoy it, this could be helpful to keep you practicing for a long time. I use some good meditation music, whenever I feel like to relax. It takes me for a journey.

You just need to be careful, not to get carried away, it’s easy to enter the world of fantasy and imagination, what’s not supposed to happen while meditating. Still try to keep your focus on hearing or the breathing. Let the music creates a nice mood only, that will keep you entertained, let it triggers your focus on and on, but as much as you can, be still! This will bring you faster and more profound results.

I use this type of meditation, when I need to chill. Usually after work, where I finally had time for myself. It helps me to visit the beautiful place, cut off from daily worries and keep me fresh and inspired. This is short example of meditation music I used many times and I recommend. You may fall in love with it 🙂


The great thing about seeing is, that it just happens. That’s a miracle already, why not to dive deep into it and use it for meditation. Especially, if you are a visually inclined type of the person, this might be something for you.

If you struggle with keeping the focus on meditation, observing mandalas can be a way out for you to keep the practice and enjoying it. Mandalas are beautiful, visual and geometric representations of the infinity and never ending cycle of life, of the Universe, macro and micro cosmos. They’re full off colors and shapes.

How to focus on meditation? - Mandala

Commonly used by Tibetan Buddhist monks for ages. They can inspire in you all the best feelings, their complexed patterns can fully occupy the mind, not giving space for any mind chatter to go on, as the beauty of them just brings you into the state of wonder.

Their hypnotic quality makes meditation very easy. You can find a beautiful mandala for yourself and meditate, simply by watching it, and letting its beauty to fill your whole being.

There are different mandala meditation techniques, including drawing them yourself, or coloring already prepared patterns. I do recommend mandalas, as I’m sure that, for some of you, it can be the best kind of meditation there is. If you want to learn more about it, check here.


How to focus on meditation? - Smell

Another great way to put yourself in a meditative mood could be using some incense sticks. There are many on the market and they’re not very expensive. Try to pick a few kinds of scents, as they smell a little different when burnt and not always you’re going to like it, so you can stay with something you enjoy.

If you’ve got already one you love, just use it for meditation. It will put you in a vibe and definitely will help you to continue meditation for longer. Simple as that. There are also candles, essential oils and so on. Some of them can cause some healing effects.


Meditation is all about getting to know of who you really are, and nobody can do it for you. You need to practice, you need to make efforts to make it happen. To meditate without any influence, any guidance is definitely valuable, as it gives you opportunity to face yourself on your own, and that’s the best way to prove yourself, when confronted with your inner self.

Nevertheless, there are some great guided meditations out there, performed by masters and teachers, that understand this, and can really help you along.

They know a lot about the nature of mind. Meditating with their guidance will definitely help you to keep focused. They know how the mind tends to wander, they will gently keep your focus on what counts. They will point out the things for you, that would maybe take years of persistent practice for you to discover.

As I mentioned at the beginning, meditation is known for thousands of years and there is whole science behind it. Sometimes, it’s better to let somebody help you along. Our time is precious and there are certain things, that have been already discovered, let’s take advantage out of it. Why not to be happy faster?

Pick your meditation teacher, guru or a master very carefully and be fully skeptic. Try to find something, that you really feel and is trustworthy. There are thousands free guided meditations you can find online. Do your research well and enjoy.

My the most favourite guided meditation ever it’s on this website. It’s the most powerful, yet simple meditation I have ever heard. Well, check it out for yourself. You can find it here.

How to focus on meditation? - Guided


There is much more things and ways, that could help you to focus while meditating. I preferred to introduce you to methods, that I found useful for myself. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It isn’t helpful to keep on doing the same things and expecting different results.

Most of all, remember, that it’s natural for the mind to keep thinking. Learn to find focus beyond that, you can truly be just an observer of these thoughts. The secret is to learn to let them pass one after another.

Don’t be disencouraged, when you feel like you don’t know how to meditate. Meditation can be the best thing, that happened to you. It has unlimited potential to improve your life in every way. Possibly, it’s the best thing you could do for yourself, for your loved ones and for the world.

Maybe it’s hard for you to think like that, but sooner or later you might find, the quality of your actions can highly improve, bringing peace and sense of being happy not only to you, but also to everything and everyone around you.

Well, I hope that’s all helpful and now you have no doubts how to stay focused on meditation. If you want me to make something more clear, you want to add something or to share your experience and your ideas, don’t hesitate and leave a comment below. You are very welcome!

All the best!


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6 thoughts on “How To Focus On Meditation? – Tips, That Works!”

  1. Hi Dario, Thanks for this post it was insightful and I liked the underlying message of regarding the obstacles you may come across as natural things. I think meditation should be taught in schools from an early age. It’s so easy to get blown along with the rush of life, although right now a lot of us have quiet times – great for meditation. Thank you again for this post. Michael

    • I totally agree with you. Meditation should be taught in every school. It would harmonize development of all the people, strengthen the mind, increase empathy. It would benefit the whole world. People would shift the value from the matterial world more towards things, that actually unite. Wouldn’t that be great?

      It’s very easy to go along rush of life, that’s true. Hopefully, people will use this time of crisis well, and will come back soon, rushing again with a little more reason, and a little more heart.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. I love meditation, have been doing it for a long time. But lately i’ve been having some issues, its difficult to control my thoughts and the worst thing is i keep falling asleep. Do you have a solution for the falling asleep bit or is it ok to just let nature take its course?. Great article by the way, lovely subject and great advice. Thank you

    • Thanks! Well, it depends on you, if you feel like falling asleep during meditation and it is somethinhg you enjoy and don’t mind, that’s fine. Personally, sometimes I let it happen too. On the other hand, it can be frustrating, when you really want to keep the  focus and continue. Here’s what you can do:

      – choose the time of a day, when you usually feel the most awake

      – consider to meditate after some physical effort, when your body feels more active

      – try some more dynamic meditation technique, something more close to Yoga ,Tai Chi or singing bowls, at least, when you feel sleepy already

      There is also another way, I guess it’s more advanced. When you meditate and feel like sleeping, try to observe your body and mind. Try to see if it’s you, that falls asleep or just a body and the mind? You may realize, that the part of you, that actually falls asleep can be recognized and ignored like another thought, that’s gonna pass. It might be not easy at first and requires some effort, but it’s true in essence, that’s why it works and reveals some secrets of how it all functions.

      Hope it’s helpful.

      Thanks for commenting, appreciate!

  3. Hey nice article you have there. Meditation is an exercise of the mind, it enables you have control of your mind. since I started engaging myself in meditation my stress level, anxiety, blood pressure and all other factors that can restrain me from being happy has been reduce to its minimal.

    • It can definitely be helpful this way. When done right, it deeply relaxes the whole body. Of course, it also gives you more understanding towards the way mind functions. This itsellf can cut off a lot of stress and anxiety from life, hence, improve our health. Thanks for your testimony about that and for your comment!


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