How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business?

How to Grow Your Sound Bath Therapy Business? – 5 Powerful and Simple Local SEO Tricks

Wondering how to grow your sound bath therapy business? Learn, how to use content marketing and powerful local SEO tricks.

It’s simple, when you know how, so don’t worry.

In this article, I explain how to use content marketing to take your business to the next level.

By doing it right, you will be able to reach every potential client in your area, and search engines will position your business as the first one to go in your town.

Not to mention, I’ll show you the resources, that might help you to attract to your website, great amount of global traffic, what it’s more than appreciated if you want to promote your online products and services.

Most probably, you are already using some of these tricks and strategies, but are your really sure how much doors does it open?

Are you aware of how big is the potential?









Why not to use content marketing strategies to grow your business?

As you may appreciate a value of professional website, running a blog may seem to you like a waste of time. Why would I need a global audience, if I offer my services locally?

That’s totally true, if your main professional activity happens in Yoga studios and client’s homes in your town, then why would you need all of that online traffic?

There would be no use of that for your business, when someone next door, interested in sound baths, still never heard of you.

The really cool thing is, that you can do both of these things.


Let’s first discuss an enormous potential of going with your business online, at least with some aspects of it.

Usually, if you practice sound healing, you are most probably also certified to do other kind of therapies like Reiki, crystal healing or Yoga. Especially, living in a little town, there’s not as much demand to make a living from running only sound baths.

It means you have knowledge, skills and experience, that you could offer. It’s actually what’s already happening. Many sound healing institutes, as well as solo practitioners offer sound healing classes for people wanting to learn the profession.

They sell courses, ebooks, one-to-one coaching, offer meditation sessions online, different forms of healing services and so on.

However, to be really successful in that matter, you need to know how to get traffic and in this case, you need a global audience. This could create an amazing opportunity for your business.

For the sake of, what’s happening in the world right now, with all the lock down and social distancing, extending your business efforts to the online world, can be the most reasonable choice you’re going to make.

Moreover, having people, visiting your website in numbers, you could not only market your products and services, but also make money with affiliate marketing, advertising and other forms.

To make it possible, you need to let the people find you and the best way to do that is by blogging. With each blog post you make, you give people, that need your services, more chances to visit your website.

Blogging have already been a pass trough to financial success for many people.

There are so many guidelines of how to start and it can be pretty overwhelming, and if you want to use blogging for your business, you need to do it a right way!

Only 9,73% of content gets any organic traffic from Google (Ahrefs)!

Fortunately, if you can create valuable content, you are serious about your business and have a bit of perseverance and consistency, all you need to do is to learn few basics and you’re ready to go!

For me, it has been Wealthy Affiliate, that thought me everything I need to know and far more. That’s why I feel almost obligation to introduce it to you.


From the other hand, nothing can ever replace sound healing sessions done live, in the real world.

Unless you haven’t established your online presence yet, one-to-one sessions and group events are the ventures, that most probably brings you the most income.

How to use online marketing to get you more clients and more work?

Especially now, after the lock down is over, you need to bring your business back to life.

Have you ever heard of local SEO?

As long as SEO techniques focus on optimizing your content to be found in search engines by people all over the world, local SEO strategies help you to be found by people from your neighborhood.

This way, there will be more chances, that people visiting your website are actually your potential clients, who can physically attend your sound baths. Simply priceless!

To make it happen, no magic is needed. It’s all common sense and logic, that’s wonderfully simple to understand and apply into action.

Hold tight!

Let’s start with fundamentals first.


Basically, your website is your place on the map in the Internet world. It’s your estate, solid foundation for any online and real life endeavors.

Make sure it’s all tip-top, looking professional and answering all the questions your clients might have, before they will decide to use your services.

However, you want them to find you first.

To make it easier, here are the tips, you really want to know and should follow to establish yourself, as the first sound healer to go in your area.


How to grow sound bath therapy business - NAP

Search engines are super clever these days and they read the information from your website. Naturally, you want to help your potential clients to find you.

When someone types “sound bath near me” into the browser, you want to be the first one to pop out.

The truth is, it’s super simple to establish such visibility, if you know how to position all the necessary information on your website.

NAP stands for the name, address and phone number. Definitely, you want to have them all together on your website, as well as your email contact.

Include the category of your services in the name of your business. For example, if the name is “Ananda” put “Sound Therapist” just next to it. This will help to bind these two, so you’re easier to find by the search.

Similarly, mention the services. Let people know you do group sound baths, sound massages at their homes or in your studio. Mention all the extra things you do, like crystal healing, Yoga or whatever else you provide.

Let people know about your business hours and the service area of your work.

If you practice in the studio, give people exact directions with the map. Mention, where’s the best place to park the car and give the bus numbers.

Make certain, that this information are easily to be found on your home page, don’t be afraid to repeat them in the footer, and again on the contact page. You may also add extra page telling only about the location of your studio.


Surely, you should let people know, that what you do have a positive impact on the people you work with.

Add some sort of review page to your website, where the previous clients share their positive experience they had with you.

It could be testimonials, where people shortly express their gratitude. For certain, you should also include some of these on your home page.

This builds trust, and shows you are established sound therapist knowing his art.

Maybe, you’ve already had a life changing impact on someone’s life and after sessions with you, either their health or quality of life significantly improved? Publish such stories, let these case studies be the inspiration for your future customers.

Another page, you should consider adding, should express your involvement within community. Position yourself as someone actively involved for the prosperity of your people.

If you’re doing some charity work for seniors or for some institutions, don’t forget to mention that as well. Moreover, if it’s an essential part of your business life, build a separate page for that.

Here’s a great example, sound practitioner Ben Carroll added Testimonials section on his website, where people share how profound and benefical are Ben’s sound bath therapy sessions.

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Ben Carroll I

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Ben Carroll II


If you’re not yet part of Google My Business, sign in as soon as you can.

It will put you on the map.

Think of how many times you were looking for some services or shops using Goggle maps?

I bet, it happens all the time.

Hope, now you understand how big is the value of putting your business out there.

It will give your potential clients all the basic information they need, and if you ask your existing clients to leave you positive reviews, it will also help to convince new ones.


Citations are your business information, that you can find on the website other than your own. That’s why it’s better to optimize your website well and be consistent with given data, cause often you may earn citations without any action by your side.

Especially when your business is already established, and your directories flow around local data business lists.

You may help this process by claiming your business on the main citation platforms like Yelp or YellowPages or any other one, that you might find useful to be listed at.

It’s very important to keep your directories consistent, so each platform your business is listed shows same information.

Every time fully complete your profiles, so it looks serious and professional for the users. Similarly, it will look good for search engines, giving you authority and better results.

Number of positive reviews on websites like this may indicate your position in local searches. Try to collect them as much as you can. Furthermore, respond to these reviews, express gratitude or present your point of view against any potential unsatisfied client story.


How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Blogging

Blogging is a very powerful digital marketing weapon.

However, everyone does that. There is 600 millions blogs in the world.

How to stand out?

We’re living in times, when to say “everybody use Internet” isn’t too much to say and this seems crazy, if you remember 90s for example.

What’s the key to success?

Creating loads of content!

In case of your small business, this means posting about highly relevant local topics.

Imagine, you create valuable, useful and helpful articles, that everybody enjoy. Moreover, it’s all connected to your local area topics in some clever way, that engages people and gives them value.

Wouldn’t that serve your business well?

Of course, it would!

Totally fine, if you don’t feel like writing a blog, cause well optimized website will give you a lot of citations anyway, and it will rank well for the local searches connected to sound baths and healing. Just keep it updated with the relevant information.

However, if you feel like blogging is something for you, there’s an enormous potential of what you can do with it.

But you need to know how to do it right to help your sound bath therapy business to grow.

Statistically, a new website starts to see any symptoms of organic traffic around 6 months after being indexed in Google.

Good news, that it’s a bit better for the new local business websites. They start to rank slightly quicker.

Anyway, you should expect, that although you publish the content consistently, let’s say ideally twice a week, you will see first results in organic traffic, maybe around the sixth month!

The results can be mind blowing though, cause when it starts to grow, assuming your content is great, it may skyrocket really fast at some point.


To attract new clients locally, you need to write a blog in a certain way, that involves topics connected to your community, the local audience and your industry.

It means many of the keywords you are going to target will require location mentioned.

For example the keyword: yoga classes in cleveland ohio

You could transfer into the title: 10 Best Yoga Classes in Cleveland Ohio

It’s a beautiful topic and the article like that has big chances to be ranked at the page 1 in search engines. Everybody, that looks for yoga classes in your local town will first drop by to your website, to choose some classes, that you recommend.

Same time your website would get an exposure within your targeted clientele.

Isn’t that great?

There is more to it, you could be even more broad than that and be helpful in the other way.

The keyword: water parks in cleveland area

You could use as the title: 5 Best Water Parks in Cleveland Area.

It maybe wouldn’t give you as many customers, but would attract traffic to your website and could position you as a local influencer.

I hope, you see the potential.

If it’s all new for you, and your’re not sure, where I’m taking all these keywords from and all the logic behind it. Then, I recommend you the free training I’ve done myself, where you can learn everything you need about blogging, building a new website, earning extra money and SEO.




You also want to be seen as an expert in the eyes of your clients.

Blogging gives you a great opportunity to explain your healing methods and to show their benefits.

Sound healing gives amazing results, convince people to try your services by showing how powerful sound baths can be.

Write about instruments you use during sessions. You can also write about and recommend products related to the business, like singing bowls or meditation cushions. Even better, if you sign up for their affiliate programs. This way, you may earn some small commissions, when somebody purchases the product using your referral links.

Create some free guides, infographics, instruction videos, meditations, that can help people to improve their lives.

Let it be the evergreen content, that people come back to and always find relevant.

For this type of content, you could even use keywords targeting the audience globally.

Check these articles for inspiration.

How to Focus on Meditation – Tips That Works!

How to Use a Singing Bowl? – 2 Simple Techniques

You can also check very informative blog on, where there are articles targeting the audience, that’s potentially interested in their sound healing workshop courses.

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - blog example


However, your neighborhood is your goldmine. To attract people from your local area, you need to write about highly relevant topics.

Think of local communities you’re already involved in. Maybe you often hang out in the vegan places, maybe you are somehow connected to the music scene.

Try to recognize problems your community have, find solutions, be helpful and write about it.

Get outside of your comfort zone, reach new communities, be broad.

For example.

Sound healing is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and promotes relaxation like nothing else.

I bet, there are many people working in the stressful environment. Identify their needs and offer them solutions to their problems.

Think of seniors, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, even students and so on.

Maybe, there’s some business area in your city, full of offices. Just write about best places to relax near that area.


You can also leverage your writing skills in the form of guest blogging.

There are probably plenty of online newspapers, organizations, another bloggers, business partners, that you could write for.

Posting your article in such places would introduce your business immediately to the vast local audience.

Position yourself as an expert in what you do.

Talk about the community issues, that should be improved, be advocate for important causes.

Advertise your industry, mention your business partners, write for them actually, and let them write for you.

That’s a beauty of local businesses, that they can work as a team and grow.

Guest blogging is an amazing opportunity to get local recognition fast. You definitely should do that. This is very useful local marketing strategy.

Now, when there is a big demand for the content creation, you will be even surprise with the welcoming feedback you might get. Sincerely, try it, even without running your own blog yet.


How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Social Media

Social media channels are still an awesome way to stay in touch with your clients.

Particularly, for small businesses like yours, it can be priceless, not only to keep your existing customers, but to gain new ones within the local connections.

If you’re big in local social media, it means many people see your posts, they get viral, your business fame is widely spread.

Not everybody feel comfortable to be very active on social media though, but you definitely should consider it, as it could help your business very much.

Trust me, it’s not about taking sweet pictures, but about building your brand.

Fortunately, talking about Facebook for example, your personal account can be kept separated from your business page.

But, If you feel restful about being social, just use it for your advantage. I believe, you already do, but let’s do it like a pro. People need to know about sound healing, it’s worth it, isn’t it?

It’s more important than ever to stay connected and to share the best, we have to offer.


Choose social media channels, that you prefer the most and don’t forget, that you should target the audience, that can physically attend your sound baths.

Don’t make everything you post about your business or yourself.

The key is to focus on your audience. Answer their needs and solve their problems. Keep them entertained and attracted for the sake of it.

Share your new blog post.

Organize contests, offer discounts for the first people liking your post.

Be funny, share some relevant memes.

Post about community oriented topics, be a local patriot, share pictures representing the beauty of your neighborhood.

Engage with related Facebook groups. For example: meditation in Cleveland or Yoga classes in Cleveland. Most of all, start your own new group. Name it “Sound healing in [your town], be active there, and motivate others to be active, make this group fun and helpful place to hang around.

But most of all, keep them engaged with the content you post.

How to grow sound bath therapy business - aspects

How to grow sound bath therapy business - aspects 2

It’s definitely an art to do it right and to keep the right tempo, but with time and practice, you can master social media for the benefit of your business.

Especially, if you just start with your business page on Facebook, or with your Instagram account, don’t expect, that in a few days you will have thousands of followers.

Even if you invite all of your friends from your personal accounts, it doesn’t mean you will get crazy amount of people interested with your activity. This comes with time, some work and consistent strategy.


Use Instagram to present the beauty of singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks. Post some videos, where you play these instruments and introduce everyone to their mesmerizing sounds.

Whenever you add a new instrument to your sound healing arsenal, talk about it, do a little review, a video, where you play it for the moment.

Post excerpt videos of sound baths you do.

Organize live streaming sound bath from your home.

Convince everyone, that sound healing works and prove you right. Interview your customers, do some videos, let them tell about the positive impact your sessions had on them.

When you see your efforts bring no results, remember, it’s not a personal game, take your ego away. Maybe change your tactic, but the most important, stay persistent and regular in what you do.

Sooner or later you will take the right curve and your efforts will bring results, never give up, always adjust if necessary.

Sometimes it’s hard to carry on, if everything you do seems to bring no results, but they will come if you keep on learning and going on. Sound healing is great and you can’t change that with your disbelief. Believe in your business, believe in yourself.

Sara Auster proves, that being a successful sound practitioner is absolutely possible. Among many interesting projects, like running sound baths for thousands of people, writing a book, speaking about sound therapy for companies like Google and Microsoft, she is super active on her Instagram, and shows everybody, that sound baths are great!

Screens from Sara’s Instagram below.

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Sara Auster Instagram

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Sara Auster Instagram II

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Sara Auster Instagram III


On the other hand, there is a way to take the weight off your shoulders.

If being a social media killing machine is not for you, you may look around you for some influencers.

Maybe they’re bloggers, maybe they Instagram celebrities.

Maybe, they’re just your friends that are super popular in social media, that have a certain influential personality. Talk to them, offer sessions for free or some discounts for their friends, and ask to help to promote your business.

Look for someone, that is all crazy about topics related to sound healing like yoga, meditation, and other alternative methods of self-improvement.

There’s no need to be weird about it. There are people, who will love to help to promote your business. Maybe, they’re already attending your sound baths?


How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Advertise

Facebook adds are relatively cheap and can be really effective. They give you a chance to precisely target your potential customers in terms of location and their interests. Other channels like Twitter or Instagram, even Pinterest, also offer interesting forms of advertising.

As you don’t need a high budget to run Facebook adds, you can always test them and see for yourself if they work well with your business.

Try to advertise some contest or your blog post.

Keep your adds coherent with your general marketing strategy.

Promote your website’s landing page by using adds. You could offer them some freebie in exchange for them signing up for your newsletter.

As you see, adds are not only about buying and keeping them running for few days, but for reaching certain goals. Define these goals and win some new clients!


There’s so many popular channels, which can help the business, but it’s really not that easy to keep it all running with the same dynamics.

You are already running a real life business.

Keeping all the social media on fire takes a lot of time.

Most probably, you need to choose one or two of them. Then, give them your full attention.

However, be present everywhere, where people might reach you. Let’s say you don’t see Facebook to be relevant to your business at some stage. Just keep updating content like blog posts or your new promotions, answer messages, comments and that’s it.

Don’t start a group, do not engage with other people post. Rather, devote this time for another medium like Instagram or Twitter, if it does more sense to your business.

The most important is to focus on the channels, that are most promising and where you can really make a difference as an entrepreneur.


How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Email

Many statistics shows, that e-mail marketing is the best way to convert your audience into customers.

Guess what?

That’s especially important for the small businesses like yours.

By having extremely and locally relevant newsletter, you have more value to offer for the recipient, than some global company, that in some sense will never be able to be as close to real people like you.

As you run sound healing business, that’s truly the best way to stay close with your customers. Sending emails, you address recipients by their names, you can let yourself to be more straight forward and honest, as in the end it is some form of a personal letter.

You can build a really nice and long-lasting relation.

But to be able to get there, first you need to build your list.


Building the list is both online and offline job to do.

Let’s talk about online methods first.

Do you remember, when I mentioned using Facebook adds to promote your landing page to get more people signing up for your newsletter?

Well, that’s one way, but it doesn’t mean using paid adds is necessary.

Whatever methods you’re going to use, make sure your website is ready to collect some emails.

Use some pop ups. I know, nobody really likes them and they’re annoying, but funny thing is, that they really work.

They don’t need to be intrusive, there are many ways you can use them intelligently.

Even better, if you make people happy to leave you email by offering freebies, codes for discounts, some meditation guides and so on.

The most important, make the content on your website awesome, so people feel OK to leave you their info and subscribe to you.

Remember to make the whole process of signing up very simple. Don’t give them the whole long survey to collect their data.

Usually, different websites collect only the name and the email.

Let’s visit Sara Auster’s website one more time, where you can find a classy pop up asking you gently to subscribe.

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - pop up

Running local business, you want your newsletters to be locally relevant, that’s why you may ask extra as well for location of the recipient.

To collect emails offline, ask people attending sound baths to leave them for you, you may even encourage them to do so, by offering some extra resources, that refers to what you were talking about during the session.

The other great way to build your list is taking part in different kind of industry events, even better when you would stand behind organizing such happening.


Whenever, you have your newsletter running, the first thing you need to do is to make people click and open your emails.

It’s very possible, they get plenty of emails, they did previously sign up for.

How to stand out?

Well, leverage the fact, that you’re a homie. Make the name of your city visible in the headline, or let it somehow appear at the beginning of the first sentence in the text of an email, so people see it before they open.

Refer to some hot local topics in the headline too.

You can also offer some hot discounts or freebies, maybe some limited time offers, get people interested, make them feel, that there is something for free waiting for them or give them a feeling, that they may lose the chance if they don’t click.


First of all, be personal, always use the name of the recipient, but don’t stop right there, write in a straight-forward heart-to-heart manner throughout all the letter.

Simply, be who you are, write the same way, you would talk to someone in a regular conversation.

Maybe you wonder, what would you write about?

Write about your new blog posts if you have, share the links. Even if you don’t do blogging, still, I recommend you at least run the newsletter!

Write about community, about sound healing, about new instruments you purchased, make people want to listen to them.

Share your social media videos, images, post.

The thing is, it’s better if your newsletters aim somewhere and serve a certain purpose. Even better, if they are a part of wider marketing strategy.

That’s why, when your goal is to make people liking your Facebook page, you can write about anything in the content of the letter, but then you will need to include the call to action, so people will click the link and visit your page.

Maybe, you want to encourage people to leave you some reviews after the last sound bath, make it easy for them, post the links to your Google My Business or Yelp profiles.

Use the newsletter to inform about promotions, maybe you have time table events for upcoming months, share it too.

Remember, keep it simple, be yourself, write from the heart, always call for the action.


Extend your local reach by co working with local businesses. Mention them in your newsletters and let them mention you.

Let’s say there is a vegan place, that let you to organize sound bath gig with the audience in their place. Let people know about this place. You can even devote the whole letter to promote this place, giving some report from the event and saying how grateful you are for the whole happening.

Maybe, your friend run yoga classes. Let people know about it and it would be great if your friend do the same for you.

It’s sort of beautiful thing to cooperate. It strengthens local businesses and organizes community around them. That’s a win-win for everyone, including clients, that are fully informed about what’s cool and interesting happening around the block.


How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - TimeNow, when you aware of so many ways to reach your audience online. You probably think, how in the world, one person could manage all of that alone?

Adding that, there is still business to run and work to do.

Well, that’s totally doable. All you need is a good time management.

Firstly, you should prioritize your tasks, and give the primacy to anything urgent and important. It would be the best to do such stuff always the first thing in the morning, as far as it’s possible. Having a habit like that, can save you from unnecessary stress.

As the business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and things to do, that you know about ahead.

Manage yourself like your own CEO, set deadlines, be strategical, plan months, weeks ahead.

Always set the goals for the next day ahead as well.


Running different marketing channels can steal some time. That’s why, it is better to plan how much time you want to devote each day for tasks related to that.

Let’s say you write your blog posts in 500 words per hour tempo. However, each post is different, some topics take more time for the research, some topics need a long form, before you can express what you need.

Therefore, consider rather devoting for example 3 hours for blogging each day or every second day, than starting and finishing a post same day. By writing regularly, you will be able to write more content in a long run.

Moreover, knowing that you do your best for these 3 hours a day, even if you’re not publishing same day, will give you feeling of satisfaction and consistency.

Thinking about the next blog post will never again seem like a mountain to climb.

Same strategy is good to deal with social media channels. Try to check on it twice a day for 30 minutes for instance. Be aware, that’s so easy to waste significant portion of time just hanging around on Facebook or Twitter and other channels.

Calculate this factor, it’s not the amount of time you spend on something, that make it a success, but quality of this time. Just do, what you know it’s to be done.


Setting the marketing campaign might be the best way to grow your business fast.

Moreover, you will learn a lot about your audience and the ways of how to reach out to them.

Other great value of setting the campaign is, that they’re great to gather all of your marketing efforts together and direct them towards a certain goal.

It gives more sense to your daily efforts, helps with planning tasks and deadlines, in other words, marketing campaigns force on you a great need of time management.

Not to mention about a great deal of fun, excitement and motivation, that they carry with.

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Marketing Campaign


If you already have too much work, running your business, consider cooperation with another solo entrepreneur in your industry. Join the forces together, even if that person also do sound baths.

It may turn out, you’re fantastic in blogging, but your business partner rocks with social media channels and email marketing.

There also other perks of such fusion. You will split costs of renting the studio and by separating responsibilities, you will be able to give more energy and focus to the tasks you are delegated. Job done well always gives more chances for success.

How to Grow Sound Bath Therapy Business? - Five Sense Collective

If this is not the thing to do in your case and you still overloaded with work, reflect on hiring some assistant.

It could be a part-time help. Somebody to take care of social media, a freelance writer to write content for your blog.

Maybe a virtual assistant, who could take care of anything you would like to delegate on such employee.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to cost much and there’s plenty of people, waiting already to do this job for you.


Business owners and marketing executives agree, that using automation tools saves their time at 30%(Instapage).

What kind of automation software would be the best for your sound healing business?

  • social media automation
  • email automation

By using a software automating your social media activity, you can gather all your channels together in one dashboard. That’s already time saving.

Furthermore, you can schedule your posts for many days ahead, so you can do the job just once at time, and then you don’t need to come back to it. All that’s going be left to do, it is just responding to your audience engagement.

This solves the problem of being consistent, your posts will always be published on time, when you can fully focus on other aspects of your work.

Some automation software offer extra tools like trending topics research, data analysis. All of that gives precise information, that can help you to converse your audience into clients. Up to 77% users of marketing automation tools see increase in their conversions(Instapage).

Same goes for email automation tools.

Imagine, that you have just signed up for the newsletter on some website in exchange for a freebie.

Wouldn’t you like to get it straight forward, same moment you subscribe?

Well, it’s only possible, if the website owner uses an email automation tool.

It’s not that costly, with Aweber for example, you pay only 19$ per month, having up to 500 subscribers on the list.

A good deal of email automation software give a possibility to design awesome landing pages, that will build your list and bring more people to your sound baths.

There are also features helping to build awesome emails, that looks professional, where you can create your own infographics, add images and so on. Not to mention, all the templates you can use to make it even faster.

There is far more to it, by automating your emails, staying connected with your clients it’s easy. They have a chance to be always updated, hence, less possibility, they will miss sessions, your new blog post, discounts or your new thematic sound bath event for example.

Although email seems to be the oldest channel in the Internet and some people may think it’s an outdated form, it’s not true. It’s still the top marketing channel. In terms of excellence it’s the number one for 73% among global marketers (InfluencerMarketingHub).

More than 56% of marketers says, that email marketing is their biggest source of ROI (HubSpot)

If you’re a small business entrepreneur, consider taking an advantage of this channel professionally, by investing in email marketing software.


We live in strange times, but thanks to continuously growing online opportunities, we can find ways out from hard circumstances.

I believe, now you are more aware of how you can boost your real life business with the power of content marketing, Local SEO and different marketing channels.

The only thing, that limits you here is your creativity. There are still many undiscovered ways of how to be successful in the online world.

Be creative, think out of the box.

In the end, it’s all about loving what you do and sharing this satisfaction with the people around.

If you are interested in growing your business through the Internet even more, I recommend you this free course, which is great for the beginners and advanced folks. There’s a great community of often successful digital marketing specialists from all over the world, that can help you answer your questions at any time.




You can also ask any question here within the comment section, you’re also more than welcomed to share your views about running a sound bath therapy business.

Share your experience with your previous marketing strategy.

If this article inspires you, share it and if you’re going to implement these strategies, please come back and tell us, how it all has gone.

All the best!


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  1. My question on this topic, how on earth will anyone get through all this information?   However, I must say this article full of  excellent informative information on how to grow your business; all this is for me even though it is overwhelming. 

    Even though it is on bath therapy, it will be benefit to anyone in business, not just on the internet marketers, but in business in general on or off line. My only offer in this topic for me is what I gained from it. I am very much in the learning module still, and have a long way to go.

    Social Media and other form of advertising platform are great to use if you know how, and just about every one scared me, because they bombard  you with so much useless information.

  2. Hello there,  thanks for this very detailed and informative post,  I unerstand that for a post as comprehensive as this alot of conscious,  calculated and delibrat effort have been put in bringing this together, an I must sa this I very timely for me as I have learnt through this post the importance getting my business to be on the  google map,  this really I haven’t taken into consideration but I have learnt now. Thank for sharing.

  3. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. I enjoyed going through this content on your website as you have  always offered tips that can engage success in business. As a business student I make it mandatory to always visit your website because the information that I derived here are very helpful to my career. 

    Thanks for sharing.


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