How to increase Gamma brain waves?

How To Increase Gamma Brain Waves?

Maybe you have heard, that Gamma brain waves are very often called genius frequencies, but have you ever wondered how to increase Gamma brain waves for yourself? Could that be even possible?

Actually, it is possible. First of all, this is a natural kind of the brain activity, that already occurs within our brains. Hence, the clue, you don’t need to look far to become a genius.

Somehow, you’re already a genius. Have in mind, that as a human being, you have access to the best computer, that has been ever made – human brain. That’s itself is a great starting point to recognize your value and start to think good of yourself and your capabilities, whoever you are.

To learn how to use it, may open doors for you to experience the most out of this life. You’re not a finished project. Awake and understand, that it belongs to you now, how you’re going to shape your life. Whatever the circumstances, being aware of this may only result in better outcomes for you and for what you care about.

In case, you don’t know what are Gamma brain waves, and why it would be great to increase them in your brain activity, I’m going to put some light on it now.


How to increase Gamma brain waves? - Benefits

Basically, our brain is very active, performing a lot of activity, that can be measured by scientists. This activity can be pictured as waves with different frequencies. We can assign certain states of mind to the kind of waves brain generates. Hence, we can say a lot about how it all goes together, affecting our health, mind performance and general well-being.

Please, check my article here, to learn more about different kinds of brain waves.

Here, I’m going to focus on Gamma waves. They’re the fastest known brain waves and although, you may find people giving different numbers, basically, they range from 25 Hz to even 120Hz.

They are the fastest waves with the smallest amplitude, that are generated by our brain. They rise up in thalamus, moving from the back of the brain to the front, optimally, with 40 cycles per second. This action covers all the regions of the brain, showing, that we can have instant access to all the resources stored there.

The way the person feels, when this brain activity is dominant can be called, being in the flow state. You feel like you do everything in the present moment, basically, you may experience:

  • super efficient memory recall
  • heightened senses
  • ability to focus without much effort
  • ability to respond at your best to every situation
  • finding better solutions to problems
  • spontaneous creativity
  • sense of a total satisfaction
  • joy
  • feeling gratitude

Gamma waves reflects in the brain, when it reaches its optimal powers. People, that often function, with their brain being in a Gamma state, are super intelligent both intellectually and emotionally, also very compassionate. That’s why Gamma brain waves are often called genius frequencies.

People like that can easily value, what’s the most important for the moment and act accordingly to that. In fact, they understand their long term goals and are capable of self-control needed to achieve them.

Operating in the range of Gamma waves can literally build your intelligence up by forming new cells in the frontal cortex. The same goes for improving your memory, as staying in this state helps to build new cells in hippocampus, that is responsible for information storage and learning.

These waves go through all the brain, enabling it to work coherently in the full potential. It turns out, that this give the brain a power to comprehend everything real quick and easy, without reducing problems to just logic and practicality, but also involving human element, which in this case is love and compassion. Isn’t that great, that it is all connected and can’t be reduced?


How to increase Gamma brain waves? - Focus

Beta waves, operating in a range 15Hz between 25Hz, known to be the most active, when we are fully alert and performing our daily tasks, come close to Gamma waves. Higher Beta frequencies are obtained often, when we are stressed, nervous and our brain need to perform at its best.

These higher Beta frequencies force us to overcome the stress and panic. To really unlock our brain potential, to have access to all the data and skills stored there, we need to overcome our personal factor in all of that, so our brain can balance these higher frequencies with its core frequencies. (Delta and Theta waves)

Functioning in Beta waves mode, we focus on a particular task, giving all the energy to specified activity, and this is a very energy consuming process for the body, that’s why we cannot operate like this for too long, without being tired.

It doesn’t mean it’s something wrong with beta waves, they are part of our natural brain activity and it’s more than healthy to be able to stay naturally alert, performing regular tasks during the day.

However, if we want to increase Gamma brain waves, the answer doesn’t lay in forcing our regular state of alert mind, but rather in staying relaxed and letting the brain to operate in higher octaves of this relaxation. In the other words, Gamma waves are obtained, when we know how to balance our relaxed states (Alpha, Theta, Delta) with being active and focused.


How to increase Gamma brain waves? - Depressed

People, without much activity in the Gamma waves range, tend to have problems with memory and concentration. Moreover, people with depression have altered oscillation of Gamma waves in their brains. Altered or decreased oscillation of Gamma waves, in general, might point out some less or more serious problems in the mental area.

Therefore, whenever you feel stuck or not motivated enough, it would be good to boost yourself with some genius frequencies.

The power of Gamma waves lays in including every lobe of the brain together. It synchronizes hemispheres, promoting clear view and better cognitive functions of your mind.

This way you may rely much more on the resources within, that you already have, you can have better access to all of your potential. This could give you a true perspective of your position, and could help you to recognize your goals, that are worth to strive for, and would help you find the best way to achieve them.

However, that is merely one advantage. With the enhanced brain, of course, you will be more effective with every task you may face. The most important thing is, that this could bring you closer to being happy.

When you can truly trust yourself, knowing your value, realizing the power of your potential, you tend to be much less afraid of anything in this world. Therefore, you’re much closer to feel satisfied, calm and peaceful. Not to mention, with more overall view, you can put much more puzzles all together, having a grasp into what’s really important in life.


How to increase Gamma brain waves? - Increase

Actually, it’s not so hard. All it takes is a little persistence, as the most easy and accessible way to increase Gamma brain waves is to practice meditation.

It relaxes the whole system, mind and the body. Helping to reach deep relaxation states, where your brain fully relaxes and helps you to experience Alpha and also Theta or Delta states, which are responsible for a very deep rest. Usually, we experience them while asleep.

Reaching these states consciously enables the brain to reset, and promotes Gamma waves to arise. Scientists tested Buddhist monks for how their brain functions while meditating. They found out, that monks have higher appearance of Gamma waves in their profile than regular people.

It turns out, this state, enhances people to experience life as love, increasing level of general compassion towards others, where we perceive everything else as a part of the same existence. Appearance of Gamma brain waves turn out to go together with activity in the part of the brain associated with happiness, self-control and compassion. Check the research yourself here.

That’s good news. There are plenty very good meditation techniques, that you could adapt to increase Gamma activity in your brain. I believe, there is so much choice, surely you can find something for yourself. There are sitting meditations, meditative exercises like Qi Gong, Yoga or Tai Chi, that give similar effects to meditation. They also include the body, so it could have also additional health benefits.


1. Bhramari Pranayama. According to these studies, this meditation exercise may increase Gamma waves in your brain, if you practice persistently for a month. That’s actually one of the best exercises, that can help you to deal with depression, anxiety and fear. Strongly recommend this one. I recommend you to check this article, where you can learn how to do it right. Enjoy!

2. Meditation with singing bowls. Singing bowls have power to immediately put you in the meditation mode. Resonance of their sound can easily affect your brain and the body, synchronizing hemispheres, taking you to the state of deep relaxation, where your brain emits Theta waves. Therefore, meditating with singing bowls can bring quickly decent results and increase levels of Gamma waves in your brain fairly soon.

3. Brainwave Entertainment. There are some companies, creating great amount of audio products, which can positively affect our brain. They create music, that have synchronizing effect on our brain. This music usually have frequencies corresponding with the brain waves of each kind. These sounds can be really powerful and can put us in a really deep meditation state. You may also find some free samples of the music like that on YouTube for example. When writing this article, I listened to this one.


Of course, it’s absolutely too much to say, that increasing Gamma brain waves will make you finally a happy human. However, it’s some proven scientific fact, that there are strong chances, that it will rise your intelligence and actually will make you more joyful and compassionate human being.

It’s something you should definitely think about, if you suffer from depression or depressive moods. Simply, this has an enormous potential to take you out from this dark places.

It might look easy though, but everything needs some contribution of energy to work. It’s true, meditation is actually a simple thing to do, and there are many helpful techniques out there, however, it will be your persistent practice, that can bring desired results.

But yes! There is boost of joy, intelligence, cognition and health within your reach. Moreover, you can do it for free. Will you dare to take a chance?

Isn’t that a great moment to stop looking for excuses. Here there is, answer for your payers, you can turn into better version of yourself right now. There is no catch here, but just your fear to change maybe. So here you have, a key to make your life a better experience for free, take it or leave it!

I will be happy if it’s at least inspiriting for you.

If you want to hear something more about Gamma waves, just let me know in the comment section. I’m waiting for your questions and you are very welcome to add something more to the topic, if you feel like. Please, share this post if you can, hope you enjoyed!

All the best!


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4 thoughts on “How To Increase Gamma Brain Waves?”

  1. I am of that sixty – seventies generation, which is actually are now pushing their seventies.  In the sixty’s medication became the thing to do.  Time as gone by and I am glad to see that there have been better research into what is actually happening.  I was very intrigued by your article on Gamma Brain waves – I was familiar with Beta; but, wasn’t aware of how Gamma worked into all of this.  Ironically without knowing why, my wife and I have over the years have collected different types of metal singing bowls.   I have always found their sound pleasing, now I know why.   I have really have not tried mediation before, where should I look to discover how to go about doing mediation properly?

    • Researches on Gamma brain waves actually developed slowly in the second part of XX century, where diigital EEG equipment appeared. Analog devices couldn’t measure frequencies higher than 25Hz, hence, nobody knew about them before. I’m also glad, that secrets of ancient practices are slowly proven by science. I believe, this can encourage a lot of people to give it a try and that’s great!

      If you want to try meditation and you have already singing bowls at home.. well, what would you say to try to meditate with them? 🙂 Here is my article, where I’m also explaining how to meditate with singing bowls.

      On the other hand, this article of mine, includes the most basic technique and approach to start meditating. I believe, both of these articles could be of use for you. 

      To meditate properly is more about your sincere approach, than a perfect technique. At the beginning, it’s simply the best to try something, that attracts you. 

      Here, you have the website, which is full of resources about meditation and spirituality in general. Maybe you will find some inspiration? 

      Hope, that’s helpful! 

      Thanks for commenting, all the best Steve!

  2. Wow!

    Amazing that i have never heard of this before considering how much use it could be to me.

    I have heard of “flow” state from reading the book “flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s.

    I know more about gamma and beta waves in the brain and i have been practicing meditation – even though it is hard to concentrate at times.

    I am checking out your article on Pranayama Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath): Steps, Benefits and Precautions t learn more about that meditative state.

    Thanks for an awesome piece

    • Thanks a lot for your comment  🙂 I will check out this book you mentioned. Meditation is easier and easier with practice. Of course, there are better and worse days, but in general, after some time of honest efforts the progress is evident. So whenever you can’t concentrate, don’t worry and keep going, effects can be life changing.

      The article about Bhramari Pranayama isn’t mine, but it’s a very informative one, you have there everything to start your practice now.


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