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Meditation In The Bus – Make This Time Counts!

Moving around the city can be dull and depressing, but things might change, when you try meditation in the bus.

Many of us need to travel to work by bus, metro or any different sort of public transport. Doing that every day, waiting for the same bus, that comes at the same time, just to go to work seems like a time waste.

Usually we are in a hurry and stressed to reach our workplace on time, where we are served with another portion of stress during the day.

Within months, years of the same work-home-work pattern, traveling same bus every day may even seem like the most unwanted thing to do.

Fortunately life has so much more to offer. Even if, you struggle with this kind of situation and it doesn’t seem like soon it’s going to change, you can hack your life and twist everything all around for your favor.

The simple answer – meditation!

Meditation in the bus - monk

Activity with the most transformative potential ever, yet so simple to start. Everyone heard of it, but it is still underrated, knowing it limitless potential.

But guess what!

It doesn’t need to be this way. It might be you, who will undertake this gem and let it enlight your life, just like this.

We tend to rely on external circumstances so much, that we let our happiness depend on it. It never needed to be like this at first place. The road to work will change into a holiday trip, if only, you intent this to happen.

By looking within, slowly, slowly, you may find out, that you are far more happy and powerful, than you ever thought.

The best part about this is, that meditation is completely free. You can even learn it for free, and all you need to do is a little effort at the beginning, but it is soon rewarded.

After few months of decent practice it will happen naturally, that it will be effortless. In reality, you may experience first positive effects within first try, if you approached it sincerely.


Meditation in the bus - success

I remember, many years ago, I was doing my driving license and needed to drive to the examination center by bus. The place was super stressful, full of people waiting to be called by name for their turn. Many people were failing and you could see cars driven back by examiners, one after another. It didn’t work well on the morale. Often you needed to wait for your turn for an hour or so, long enough to absorb stress and fear like a sponge.

Being there to sign up before, I knew how unpleasant this experience gonna be. Luckily, they had also speakers, that call you for the exam outside of the facility. Moreover, there were some green trees and bushes there as well.

I knew, that I need to do something to stay positive and focused to be ready for the exam. I knew also about meditation already, so I decided to intensely meditate on my way there.

I meditated at the bus stop, in the bus and I didn’t enter the building, which was loaded with all the stress in the air. I stayed outside, sat on the bench in the little garden there, waiting to hear my name from the speaker.

Still meditating, not following any ideas, subconsciously, I felt big stress in my body, but all I was focusing at was a breath in and breath out, all the way there and after, when waiting for my turn.

Therefore, for me, there was just breathing. I actually zoned out into a very safe space, where there was nothing, pure emptiness, but what’s the most important, all the fear stayed away from me like a potential, that had never become real.

My body relaxed deeply and the mind was still. It’s hard to describe the state I was in, cause I really wasn’t thinking about anything, there was just my breathing, that helped me to keep to focus on meditation.

When they called me for an exam, I remember, how quiet and clear my mind was. When driving, I did everything right. Somehow, performing all the tasks, that examiner asked me to do, was pretty easy. Similarly, all the situations on the road and at the parkings were coming together in my favor. I passed!

Imagine how happy I was. I know, I wouldn’t do so well if not for meditation and maybe I knew how great meditation can be, but this situation actually proved me, how useful this device can be.


Meditation in the bus - work

You don’t need to limit yourself and meditate in the bus only before stressful events. You can use this powerful tool every day on your way to work and whenever so to speak.

Meditating brings a lot of benefits to practitioners, and because it’s so simple, why not to invite these benefits to your life as well? Look, what it does:

  • deep relaxation
  • stress relief
  • anxiety and fear release
  • helps to deal with pain
  • helps to fight with depression
  • strengthens immunity
  • improves memory
  • helps to fight addiction
  • improves your skin condition
  • improves concentration
  • better cognition
  • promote solution thinking
  • improves decision-making
  • makes you more spontaneous
  • makes you happy
  • quiets the mind chatter
  • brings peace of mind
  • brings satisfaction
  • stronger empathy and understanding towards others
  • improves emotional health

It’s not a joke. Meditation can bring all of this to your life and even more. Still, a lot of that depends on you and your sincere attitude, and willingness to practice daily or at least systematically, so you can truly invite these positive effects to your life.

By meditating you will see, it’s about you, not in a narrow egoistic sense, but in the sense, which is very liberating. There’s no magic other than what’s natural and simple, which is already in you. Meditation just gives you an excuse to stop and to see it, appreciate it and value that.

When you practice daily on your way to work, you may get yourself ready for whatever may wait for you there.

By being relaxed, you can approach all the problems and tasks at work spontaneously, with a fresh perspective. Even, if you do something dull and repetitious, you may discover a new way to approach the same boring activity, so it will be much easier to handle it from 9 to 5.

Your relations with friends and coworkers may improve. By being in a sort of flow state, you will definitely have more humor, you will be more understanding and compassionate. It will make your life easier and help you not to focus on any potential negativity at your workplace.

Meditation in the bus - coworkersWith your mind sharpened by meditation, you will be able simply to perform all your tasks better. There will be no more problem with keeping the focus for longer. This will help you to be more efficient with whatever you do.

Meditation teaches you to live in now, therefore, you may realize you will stop to check the watch, waiting for your work to end. There is a possibility, that you will enjoy your time this way or another. Even if you do something you don’t like, meditation takes you to the place within you, which feels free and full of space. It’s hard to name it, by it works this way.

Whenever you on your way to work, you can try to do that. You don’t need to meditate all along the way. You can pick some best moments, like when you wait for the bus or when you’re in the bus already.

Especially at the beginning, it will not be so easy to keep the focus for longer. Your thoughts will start wander around, that’s normal and there is a way to prevent that. Check out my article here, you may see some tips of how to keep the focus on meditation.

Nevertheless, to meditate on your way to work, it’s a good time to get ready for a day at work. It’s a beautiful way to always perceive life fresh. Sometimes we may feel like everyday is the same, but it’s not true.

What’s great about meditation is, that it actually reveals the truth. If you do it right, you learn how not to fool yourself. It removes tendency to see the world in the way, that is too negative or too positive. The world is the way it is, and it’s not so bad actually, a lot of freedom comes with realizing that.


To meditate in the bus it’s a simple thing to do, as you really don’t need to do much. However, there are few techniques, that are worth to mention.

Sometimes the bus is crowded, sometimes there’s maybe no place to sit. Maybe you travel to work early in the morning and you look rather for an extra moment to have a nap than to meditate. Maybe you need 1 hour to reach your workplace or it takes just 10 minutes.

All of that should be taken for consideration before you decide, what technique will be the best for you.

Remember, if it’s hard for you to keep the focus on meditation for longer, just do 2-5 minutes practice, it is enough, at least at the beginning. Just find your balance in all of that.

Whatever the technique and whether you sit or stand in the bus, try to keep the body relaxed. Keep your spine straight, but don’t be stiff, just keep it natural.

Try to keep the body still though, don’t move if not necessary, of course, as far as it’s possible in the bus.


That’s the simplest thing you can do. Simply, observe your breath. Pay attention, when you breath in and then, when breathing out, on and on.

Meditation in the bus - breathingIn between breathing in and out, and in between breathing out and in, there is a short gap, when you don’t breath at all. Try to be aware of that as well.

Breath naturally in a relaxed tempo. Let these breaths to be deep but without effort and pushing it.

You can do that in the bus, whether you stand together in the crowd of people or you have a place to sit. It’s as simple as that.

Whenever, you feel like you’re getting carried away with your thinking process, just gently come back to be focused on the breath. Don’t punish yourself too hard for being not focused enough, just keep on coming back to breathing. With practice, it will become more natural and easy.


Yes, that’s another thing you can do. You could use your smartphone or some other device. There is YouTube, there is Spotify and other sources you may be more familiar with, where you can find a good deal of meditation music. It’s free and it’s really good sometimes. Just pick something for yourself.

Meditation in the bus - musicHowever, it’s not only about listening to this music. We want to meditate here.

What you need to do is to listen, just keep hearing the music. Whenever your thoughts get carried away, just come back to the music. Focus on hearing. Try to catch the silence in between the sounds.

That’s a very powerful way to use music for meditation.

You could also try some guided meditation. It would not only help you to stay focused, but being guided by an experienced teacher could help you to realize, what secrets about life and mind, meditation actually reveals to us.

Again, it really doesn’t matter if you stand in the bus or sitting down. You can imply this method easily, regardless the circumstances. It is easier to keep the focus with music, there’s definitely a little less effort, when comparing to breathing meditation.


Other great thing you can do is simply to help yourself by using some meditation app. There are plenty of them now.

Meditation in the bus - appsYou can find it very helpful, whether it’s a breathing exercise or guided meditation. Some of them have few days programs, which focus on your self-esteem, stress relief, there is actually a countless choice, including music, sounds of nature and so on.

It might be really something for you. Moreover, some of these apps are simply for free like Calm, Insight Timer or Sattva.

Mind, that some of these free meditation apps have premium options, but still, usually there is a lot of free resources there to make a use from.

Other popular apps have free trial options, but you might need to pay to continue using the app, but not that much in the end. Consider Headspace or Buddhify.

You can easily try these apps on your way to work in the bus. Definitely you may find there something, that will really suit you.


This is a very nice mindfulness method, that can reveal to you completely fresh perspective on how you judge things around you. It can take you out from the way of thinking you get used to. You may see, how often your thought process is automatic and how often you repeat in your head ideas, that you once conditioned yourself too.

Meditation in the bus - no judgingJust simply focus on observing everything around you without starting any kind of thought process about it. When you see people, don’t judge them, observe only the way they are. When you look behind the window, just see stuff, buildings, walking people, cars without naming any of it.

In other words, just keep quiet inside and keep the focus on seeing things without any comments, any internal dialogue in your head.

At some point you may realize, we’re all the same consciousness. Everything is simply going on and everybody play their role. It might bring much compassion and understanding to your life, as well as it can make you satisfied of who you are, what you do, and what you have.

When you get carried away, try to sense, that there’s only one being, source, which we all are, behind all the forms you perceive. Bring back your focus to simple observation without judgment.


That doesn’t sound like a meditation technique, does it? Yes, but it can be the most powerful thing you can do. By opening towards other person, you will simply reach out beyond your cozy comfort zone and you might see yourself in the other one.

Meditation in the bus - conversationEspecially, if you are an introvert, it might be very useful thing to do. By opening up, you may gain a lot of self-confidence. You may realize, there’s nothing to be scared about. You will focus on something, that goes on in that exact moment. This is exactly, what meditation points to.

Remember, not to be pushy or arrogant. Respect the space of the other person. Don’t do it, if you don’t feel it. Not every time, when you’re on your way in the bus, there will be a chance to try picking up the conversation. No point in pushing it.

However, when there is a chance and you feel like it, don’t hesitate. Nice moment with someone can really make you feel grounded and relaxed. People are usually nice, when you treat them with respect, moreover, they feel very grateful for being noticed. It can boost your mood and especially, if you are on your way to work, it can give you an easy-going straight-forward mindset, enabling you to perform much better at your workplace.


Meditation in the bus - cool
Obraz Alexas_Fotos z Pixabay

Last thing to say, but very important. When you meditate in the public, you may feel sort of weird. This feeling It’s not happening to everyone, but there is a chance, that you will feel strange meditating around regular people.

Definitely, there’s no reason to feel strange about it. Meditation is a very common thing. You may be actually surprised how many people are already meditating in the situations like being in the bus all over the world. Many times I spotted people doing it this way or another.

Come on, that’s the best thing to do, when you’re forced to waste some time traveling to work or whatever. I always do that.

The thing is, not to show off with this. Other people doesn’t need to know you meditate. Unless, you are attention seeker don’t do that.

Stay cool. You may close your eyes, if you feel, but I wouldn’t recommend crossing your fingers in some mudra positions or doing deep breaths, so everyone can see and hear you. I bet, it would be annoying for everyone around.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid of what people might thing. Just stay cool and classy. Keep doing your meditation. Most probably, no one will be able to recognize, what you do. Some meditators may sense it, but they don’t care, they will be happy somebody else also meditates.

If you have an annoying thought, that people stare at you. Just try to feel, that we all are the same consciousness, but really try to sense it and relax, let it go. Look again, no one stares at you and even if, who cares?

I’m writing this, cause I know it’s the case for some people. If you can’t overcome this and you still would like to meditate in the bus or any sort of public transport or public situation, try maybe different technique. Check it for yourself, if it is easier with meditation music or maybe it would be much easier to just focus on breathing or observing without judgment.


Whatever technique you will choose, simply enjoy the process. Don’t think, it will all always work perfect. There are always some obstacles on the way, but that’s life.

Meditation reveals to you the truth about life, your mind and yourself. Often, it showes your current limitations. It might not always be a blissful and happy experience. Sometimes it might take out some hidden stuff out and make you feel sorry or guilty about the things you do wrong.

Anyway just keep practicing, it makes you a better person and more than often it lifts your mood, and what does for sure is relaxing and improving your mental capabilities.

Remember, it works the best if being done systematically. Isn’t that clever to meditate in the bus on your way to work and back, especially if you do it daily at the same time? Why not to use this time for practice?

Here you can find other advises of how to meditate, when you’re too busy all day to spare some time for practice.

If you wonder of how to steal some time at work to meditate, read this one here!

Hope, it is helpful. If you have any questions or need of any advice, here I am, just leave a comment. You’re very welcome to share your experience and opinions within the comment section too.

All the best!


Founder of Sound And Bowl

6 thoughts on “Meditation In The Bus – Make This Time Counts!”

  1. What an interesting post! Meditation is something that I’ve heard of but never really understood it. There’s enough positive feedback around meditation to know that there are some serious benefits to it, but I haven’t been able to break thru and embrace it. I typically will sit in front of the computer listening to binaural beats while working and I think that it improves my focus. When I was first introduced I thought this is serious hocus-pocus and maybe it it, but I enjoy it. I’m bookmarking your site to try and understand meditation and how I can do it “right” if such a thing exists.

    Thanks for posting

    • Hello, thanks Bob! Binarual beats are not bad, I also use them sometimes, when working on something on my computer. Definitely, it improves my focus, no doubt about that. I recommend to work with Gamma brain waves beats. I wrote an article about them here. 

      I believe, everything, that somehow inspirates us to reach for the value and resources within us has an extreme potential. Basically, our inner world and our mind is an unexplored territory. Now, we have spiritual and mystical traditions and practices slowly being proven by scientific world, yet that are the first baby steps still. 

      If you want to know how to do meditation right, I guess, there’s always something you could do better, so the best way is to start right now.

      – Spare yourself 3-5 minutes in some quiet environment, where you can’t be distracted easily.

      – Sit comfortably with a straight spine, but stay relaxed, not stiff. If you sit on the chair don’t cross your legs. If you sit on a cushion or on the floor, you may lean your back on the wall or something, that’s not a problem. The goal is, not to be distracted by the body.

      – Close your eyes and breathe in a relaxed and natural manner. 

      – Keep your attention on breathing in, the gap in between breaths, on breathing out, and the gap between again 🙂

      – Don’t think about anything, just keep quiet and concentrate on breathing. Nothing should happen, just do this in a relaxed manner.

      – Whenever, you loose your focus, it’s ok and completly natural, go back to focus on breathing again. With practice it will be easier to keep the focus.

      That’s a very simple technique for the beginner. Hope it’s helpful. You may check my other article here to learn more about keeping the focus during meditation.

      Thank you for commenting Bob, all the best!

  2. Hi Dario, Your post struck a chord with me as I have been practicing meditation on the train journey home from work every work day for the last 20 years. My meditation practice involves about 60 minutes every morning and 45 minutes every evening. I need to be seated to meditate and close my eyes and as long as I don’t have to interact with anyone that is all I need. I actually find it is better to pretend to be sleeping. Then nobody takes it upon themselves to bother you. I would also usually make sure I leave the office in plenty of time so I will be sure to get a seat on the train before it fills up. Because I have been practicing this meditation technique now regularly for more than 45 years I am well programmed on the time so I have never missed my train stop. As regards the morning practice I meditate very early in the morning and I actually prefer the train ride to read. All this was before the stay at home situation because of Coronavirus. But if I do start commuting to work again I will be meditating on the train for certain. I agree with you – if you have a regular bus or train ride to or from work it makes total sense to use it for meditation. And I am sure many other people already do. Thanks and best regards, Andy

    • Super cool to hear this testimonial from you. Isn’t it the best to use this time in the bus or a train to meditate? I admire your routine and grit in doing so for so many years. I also like to close my eyes for meditation and I do the same. I pretend to sleep, it works for me too. Well, it’s not always easy to get a seat in a bus, so I was forced to not care much about the position of the body. This pushed me to learn how to meditate in different circumstances. In the end it wasn’t a problem for me, as I practice Qi Gong and I use its standing position guidelines to meditate. It’s fun, relaxes the body and revitalizes it. Happy about your comment, thank you. All the best Andy!

  3. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these information with us, I was doing some research online when I came across your site, what a wonderful write up, I also believe meditation is the key to many difficulties in life, however I’ve indeed learnt all I needed to know here thanks for sharing these article, its helpful

    • Cool, that makes happy it’s a helpful content for you. You don’t need to know much to start meditating. The most valauble things you will learn practicing, and if you give it a sincere try, it might be life changing for you. Thanks for your comment!


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