Meditation With Brain Waves – 5 Best Clips!

Human brain it’s a very busy organ. Billions of neurons are in the process of constant communication, letting the brain to perform at its best. All of these actions are creating electric activity in the brain, that can be pictured in the form of waves.

Depending on what is the current task and state of the brain, portrayed waves differ from each other. There are certain states of mind, that are very beneficial for us in a sense of meditation, and waves in specific frequencies.

These frequencies are easy to be stimulated by music that corresponds with them. Hence, this post and some examples of the clips, that are the best for meditation with brain waves interacting music, however, not only. There are also certain states that are very important for a general health of the mind, but have less to do with deep relaxation states.

These clips can be very helpful for you to focus on meditation. They may bring you rest, motivation, boost your performance, creativity and take your stress away. They’re also great as a background sound that goes on when you work on something or trying to sleep. That may help you to be much more creative and easy with whatever you do.

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Brain generates Delta waves mainly when we are in the deep sleep phase. They have the greatest amplitude but the slowest frequency from 0,5 of a cycle to 3 cycles per second. There are no dreams in the states represented by these waves, however mind is in a big rest, not bothered to catch any leads following to start a dream, just simple satisfaction of total rest.

I heard many gurus or spiritual masters saying, that during this state our consciousness is one with the source, and that’s the moment where we refresh on the spiritual level. During the day we struggle to let go our problems, but for the night we happily go to sleep, not wondering, that we let ourselves freely to disappear. Hanging up our ego like it’s not a big deal, which seems to be, when we’re trying our best daily.

It’s the state of a total rest and relaxation. Our brain is on such a slow frequency that it’s almost close to zero, what would mean no brain activity at all and death.

Reaching this state of mind with meditation, that could be indicated by Delta waves in your brain, would take you to a very peaceful place, where you are not afraid of anything. They frequency is very slow but the amplitude is high, therefore deeper and wider parts of the brain are penetrated. The of trust is much stronger and the one could be fully reconciled with what is.

The of problems that usually bother us would be far away, it could feel like everything stopped and it turned out that you are left with nothing missing. Whether we reach this state by meditation or we’re there unconscious in a deep sleep, that has a strong revitalizing and healing impact on our whole organism.


These are the waves of 3 to 8 cycles per second, also of a high amplitude, but not same great like Delta waves. Most often happen when we sleep during REM phase, where we are dreaming a lot. That helps mind turning off its logic, and process all the information on a subconscious level without any judgment. That’s why dreams can seem to be so crazy, chaotic, yet fascinating.

If not while asleep, we usually reach this state, where we are somehow on the edge of conscious and unconscious. In the moments when we disconnect from our activities and sort of daydream, it can happen, when work on some monotonous task and enjoying our projections.

Often may turn out that we can come up with some great idea. That’s a state full of creative potential. Keith Richards from They Rolling Stones came up with an idea for “Satisfaction” riff during the sleep. Most probably it could be exactly a phase, where the brain emits Theta waves.

It also the state, which we fall into during hypnosis state, that means when we are very vulnerable for suggestions. Especially during meditation, to reach this state, which it’s not so hard really, gives us a chance to change our behavior. We could implement the suggestion to quit smoking or to start eating healthy and that should have much stronger potential of working, than saying these things to ourselves in a regular state.

These suggestions could be also of a healing nature. Potentially we could help ourselves to open up for the healing process. Some people believe it’s a great state for influencing the reality with our intention, so we can heal ourselves or to manifest something we wish in our daily life.

Basically it’s the state in which we feel real joyful, when we are ensured of our creative potential. Feeling comfortable with life, cause we are not limited and conditioned to our learned expectations towards it. Yet, this is a very peaceful state and relatively easy to encounter through the meditation practice.


They range from 9 to 14 cycles per second, Alpha waves indicates the state which is the bridge between relaxation states and a state of a regular alert action. That’s the state you are in, the first moment you relax before falling asleep. That’s the state when you go for a rest after some time of work on something. In general, when the mind can relax, because there’s no task to take.

It is a meditative state, where the focus slowly turns within. Slower the frequency, daydreaming and fantasy becomes more vivid. It’s a perfect opportunity for rest. They brain starts balancing body and mind. It’s not yet a sleeping state and actually it’s the state that keeps the brain just alert, without any task to perform. That’s a good state to practice mindfulness, cause you can simply focus on being present.

Being in the Alpha state also gives you the better access to your memory. People with the memory problems should try learn how to relax and stay alert more. In other words, they should try to meditate. Staying in the alpha state will help the brain to build a bridge between subconscious and conscious mind, like a muscle, giving you access to more resources within your brain potential.


They are faster frequency but of smaller amplitude, 15-40 cycles per second and denotes the mind, that is engaged into activity and alert. When we talk with someone, these frequencies help us keep our conversations going on. Whenever we’re active and social our brain emanates Beta waves.

It’s the state, when we are ready to use our resources right now, whether is decision-making or figuring something out, engaging memory or our logic to take a quick judgment. Whenever we’re solving the task, that requires focus and some sort of involvement, that’s Beta waves.

Beta waves are happens when, the brain is aroused and we tend to be excited. Sometimes when we really need to deal with some stressful situation, our brain is functions on a really high frequency. That can be trying for the organism as keeping the brain in a high performance takes a lot of energy.

However, it’s really healthy to keep on functioning in the Beta state regularly. It helps to take life more practical, with a positive attitude. We are more energetic in a daily life and we have better access to our potential.

To meditate with a Beta Wave frequencies may work on you like the coffee, and can help you to be more social and active. However, for enjoying it, you actually need to let yourself to be more involved in what you do, both emotionally and mentally, means giving something your full attention, whatever it is.


Our brain is also capable to generate faster waves, with smaller amplitude than the Beta waves have. They twitch more than 41 cycles per second. Sometimes, they are called genius waves.

Brain in the state, when Gamma waves are generated, is capable to access simultaneously every part of itself. Some people claim it is a healing frequency, when we are able to get healthy instantly, because of the brain having access to all the potential instantly.

In the state like that we are capable to feel feelings associated with higher values, like love, as an abstract general idea and so on. It also denotes the brain, that is capable of delivering us some brilliant ideas.

It’s examined, that brains of experienced meditators, are much more likely falling into states, that could be portrayed by the Gamma waves. Into the state like that, we are trusting our capabilities very much and we feel we can handle any situation.


All of these states are natural for the brain. There’s no necessity to value any of them more than the other or pursue one of them, because of the belief that is the most beneficial one. The most important is a balance.

If you feel like you can take an advantage of meditating with one of these clips, just pick the one, that you feel speak to you the most. Maybe you feel like you are always tired and not social enough, then it would be great for you to meditate with the Beta waves.

On the other hand if you feel like, you never have time to rest, just tune into Alpha waves. That should slowly affect your brain to calm down and let go.

You may feel, like you want to reach some deeper states when meditating, try Theta or Delta waves instead.

That clips are here just to inspire you to find your own balance. Have in mind, that only you are responsible for your well-being.

If you want to learn more about brain waves or a brain activity in the context of the sound, especially with an emphasis on the meditation, please let me know by leaving a comment.

How do you like these clips? I also wonder, if it’s helpful for you?

All the best!


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