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Why to meditate with the gong? It might seem, just to meditate would be enough definitely, and it is for sure. However, there is nothing wrong with helping yourself, by using some devices or tools to enrich our experience. Sound is very common part of our lives. We are surrounded by sound whether we want it or not, whether it is a street noise or a nice song in the radio and whether we want it or not, sound has an impact on us. The loud noise may annoy us and can be even unhealthy, when the song from the radio can chill us down or remind us some nice moments from our life. Sound of the gong, for instance, can take us into a completely different zone and deliver us a spiritual experience. Let’s find out why it’s worth it to try meditation with the gong!


First of all, sound of the gong is just incredible. We can use many words to describe that but I don’t think any of them will give any justice to it. I will try anyway. It’s massive, majestic, mystical, primal, quantum, cosmic, final, inevitable, powerful and I could go on recalling all these supreme adjectives.

When, the gong starts to play it’s like the cosmos reflected in the sound. There is no other instrument in the world that produces so much resonance. Its shimmering seems to penetrate the body deep inside the cells or even on an atomic level, where there is only a void. Resonance never seems to end, surprising you with new openings of the sound, moment by moment like it can’t be stopped no more, domino effect of the sound that brings eternal taste to it.

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Imagine meditating with this sound, it opens very powerful potentials. This sound may totally storm you out from the ego. The information noise and the mind chatter that is produced by the mind and your body can be automatically stopped and dismissed, leaving just the void, where you are fully aware and refreshed. You may feel like a born again, in the emptiness of the universe before any time.

Such strong impact may give you very valuable insights on yourself, on your life and on life in general. On a body level, the vibrations of the gong will penetrate each cell, like there was given an acknowledgment of existence to them. It has highly healing potential for whole organism and body-mind system.


There are few ways to start meditating with the gong:

  1. The most simple one is to find a video of a Gong Bath in the Internet. Then take a comfortable position. Preferably the one, that you feel good meditating with. It should be something comfortable so you can stay longer like that, but something, that will be hard to fall asleep with. For me just sitting straight, with a crossed leg is the best. Then play and enjoy the experience, let the sound overflow you. Here is some sample video from Youtube.
  2. However, nothing will replace the experience of the gong in the real life. Look for a local Sound Bath therapy or even better, local Gong Bath Therapy and have a proper live experience. This will have definitely very strong effect on you and might be super relaxing and revitalizing for you.

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  3. Buy yourself a gong! It doesn’t need to be anything big. Gongs can be very loud, in the ancient Asia they were used for sending messages from the village to the village, cause the sound of them could be heard in miles. That’s why you should choose wisely. Too loud instrument can bring you a hard time with the neighbors. However, you can definitely find something for yourself as there is a lot of choice for shorter diameter gongs.


Image by naturepost from Pixabay

There is a lot of exciting benefits resulting with having a gong in your home.

  • Gong Morning Ritual – Each morning after you wake up you may strike the gong and start a day with a powerful mystical sound. It also can be combined with a short morning meditation. The refreshing and majestic sound of the gong will remind you of everything that is important for you in your life, it will remind you what are your goals and of what motivates you to go for it.
  • You can learn how to play a new exotic instrument – It maybe seems like playing a gong is not a big deal, it’s just enough to strike. When, actually it takes some mastery to play a gong. There are many types of gongs and there are many techniques of how to extract the sound from it. You can learn quite a unique skill, that itself may bring you a lot of satisfaction. If you fall in love with it. You may even become a Sound Therapist one day.
  • You can perform self healing therapy – Sound of the gong brings a lot of benefits with itself. Similarly to singing bowls it attunes you with alpha waves, theta waves and, at some cases, even with delta waves that happens only when you sleep dreamless, immersed totally in a deep sleep. All of that states are responsible for deep relaxation and have a big healing potential. Learning how to meditate with the gong may bring you a very useful device to perform self-healing sessions.
  • It’s a beautiful object to have in home – In the age of the industrial revolution that happened in XVIII/XIX century, rich people from the era, were bringing back to the West, beautiful and exotic objects from Asia. That objects were the symbol of status for contemporary people. Among others, gongs were exactly this objects. Just the way they look gives a mystical impression. You can meet them very often in the Buddhist temples. They may deliver very interesting and beautiful sight in your room.


Healing with the sound is known for the ages. It is the invention that it’s with us since we started creating culture. Gong is known to be used for sure already 2000 years BC, but we can assume people where using this instrument much before. It has one of the strongest healing potentials among other instruments. Its majestic resonance creates a total sound, where suddenly everything in your experience becomes one, melted with avalanche of tones.

If you think, there is something more you would like to learn about the gong. Maybe about history of it or about different kinds of gongs, maybe there is still something more about meditation with the gong or anything else, please let me know within the comment section.

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8 thoughts on “Meditation With The Gong – Explore Your Cosmos!”

  1. I have to say this was a concept that would have never entered into my brain.
    After reading your article it does make sense though.
    I’m guessing any rhythmic noise can assist with meditation, I can see however how powerful the gong could be.

    • Yes, gongs are great, I’m super happy I could share this news with you 🙂 Anyway the real power lay within us, and gong and other devices, whatever it could be, are just helping us to look within. I guess, right there we can find a real treasure and source of power, that can really make a difference for quality of our life.

  2. A gong definitely has a lot going for it, beautiful, majestic, powerful. They have a way of clearing your mind, perfect for use with meditation. It stimulates some response from deep within the body, it’s hard not to relax when hearing the sound. The gong in the video is just amazing. Thanks for the great post.

  3. I can’t read and learn enough about meditation, and even though I have added this to my life many years ago I can’t pass up an article to learn more about meditation and all the types available today.


  4. I have found great benefit in meditation although I have never meditated with the gong. Reading your article and listening to the video I will definitely will be including the gong in my next meditation. Thank you for the information.


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