Mindful Meditation At Work – Liberate Yourself From The Duty

Work is a strange environment. Usually we spend there most of our time during the day, when we would probably prefer to do some more exciting things for us. It still seems like only chosen ones doing what they really love and they pretty happy to wake up and go to do stuff they do. Most often people are just tolerating their work as long, as they can pay their bills and save some money for some bigger or smaller dreams. Even if we don’t love what we do at work, let’s deal with it, it’s our rational choice and at this point of our life, it’s obviously what we need to do. Let’s make this duty more pleasant for us and learn how to do mindful meditation at work!


Meditation is very easy, because doesn’t require any effort from you. Usually people associate it with sitting, when the truth is, you can also meditate when you’re active. It’s the matter of understanding that meditation is a state of your mind and this state is accessible whether you in movement or not. Moreover, while you perform different daily tasks at work or home, you can also be in this state. Often you are in this state and you don’t know it. That’s why is so easy, cause it already belongs to you. Some people say that they can’t focus when meditate or they get lost with internal dialogue, following their thoughts. That’s natural though. Thanks god, cause it means your mind is not broken, it’s still working as it meant to be. Then if you think meditating at work isn’t possible for you, I want to tell you, don’t be afraid. Just realize, there’s nothing easier actually!


In the recent years the term “mindfulness” became very popular. Basically it means to be aware of your self in each situation. When you do dishes, when you walk, when you eat, when you talk, when you work too. Mindfulness has a lot to do with Zen type of Buddhism, where the focus is to be constantly conscious. While doing this practice you may experience, that spontaneity in you manifest automatically in many daily situations. That’s exactly the core of Zen teachings. Your Buddha nature is always in you, by easing your mind, when you keep focus on self, it’s going through. You are allowing it finally.

Just try it! Soon you will realize that life is much bigger than you, than your daily problems and tasks, yes they are there real, but there’s much bigger context, where they mean nothing. By staying in this awareness you may experience that limitation of the senses is not so strong no more. You may realize at some level we all are one, same life, constantly flowing in many forms. I really encourage you to try it for yourself. It’s surprising how easy is to have even a glimpse of it with just being mindful for certain time. All these revelations giving a big portion of optimism, everything seems friendly as the sense of separation is not so much there no more. Well, no how to incorporate all of that to your workplace and how to practice this mindful meditation at work?


To meditate, being mindful at work actually is very simple but you need some excuse to put yoursef in that state. Some simple effort to trigger it. There are many meditation techniques. I will choose the most simple one, when you need to focus on your breath:

  1. Relax your whole body.
  2. Gather some focus and take a slow breath observing it with your awareness.
  3. Take the breath out with the same awareness.
  4. Repeat it as longs as you need or you have time for.

When you’re doing that, just don’t think, simple. Of course, you will think, but keep it as quiets as you can. Just keep the attention at breathing. Do it as longs as your sense of awareness starting to be sort of effortless. Usually after few minutes, you should feel sort of letting go in your body, sort of deep relaxation. Your mind will relax and staying aware will seem much more simple, almost like you don’t need to focus much on it no more. So whatever you do now, the sense of it will be with you. Be realistic though and still do little efforts on staying aware from time to time but it will be definitely easier.

You can practice this technique wherever. I showed you how to put yourself in the state of meditation in a very simple way. You can try it before you go to work at home, in the bus on your way to work. You can come back to it, wherever you have a break at work or just a moment to stop. But most of all try to keep the state you’re in as longs as you can. At the beginning you will be forgetting about it, but that’s super normal and don’t worry, just enjoy. Whenever you will feel kind of reminder in your internal dialogue/head, don’t make yourself guilty. That’s very natural for the mind to not be able to keep it forever. Just try to be aware again. Maybe stop, do breathing exercise I mentioned above or gently relax and realize you’re still aware, don’t panic, enjoy.


To make it all even more easy I encourage you to do just a little more effort. When you finally feel you incorporated that method at your work, you can go a step forward. Starting point was to keep attention on breathing. Then to enjoy state of being aware, and gently come back to it, when you feel you need it. Now when you already relaxed, your mind is in peace, you’re happy, try just to observe everything that happens to you at work. The same way like you did observe just breathing. Of course, don’t be super elementary here and when your boss ask you something to do, just do it! However, stay with awareness, focus on it rather. Whether you work on something in your laptop, or you serve a coffee to a customer treat like it just happens within range of your awareness. Don’t be afraid that you will not be able to focus on your task. I believe it might be hard at just very beginning, cause most probably you are to serious and taking it all too literally. When the point is to see, how happy and light is your nature already. Just help yourself, to express it. By practicing mindful meditation at work you allow the best of you to shine.


Soon you will realize that there is plenty of benefits of this practice. It quiets the mind, relaxes the body. It allows your body-mind to perform with much higher potential. This is what most likely can happen:

  • improving relations with your friends at work
  • boosting your focus what will lead you to performing your work much better
  • increasing your satisfaction from the job
  • you will feel less tired
  • it will boost your intuition
  • you will save more energy for your home activities
  • you will be just a little bit more happy to wake up and go working

I think is worth to mention, that you should take this practice all easy. Treat it like fun, that’s actually the best way to make it work.



I used to work in a many environments, and since I’m into spirituality from very early age, I used to practice mindful meditation at work since my first job. I’ve been working in factories, offices, restaurants. It really works everywhere. It helped me survive really hard times, when I worked, where I didn’t want to but needed to. I experienced all the benefits I mentioned above and many more actually.

I’m happy I could introduce this simple method to you. Just wanted to keep it practical. I feel like I could write much more and be more detailed, however wanted to be tight. I encourage you to ask any questions about this article. Write if you incorporated this technique at your work and how did it go? Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best


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2 thoughts on “Mindful Meditation At Work – Liberate Yourself From The Duty”

  1. Hi Dario! This is great advice, speaking from experience of what a difference it can make on any given day. I especially like this approach of small reminders throughout, to center yourself as often as possible. It can also help you pay attention to your posture throughout a day, which is also important and useful to be aware of.

    Have a great day!

    • Thankns for commenting!

      I’m glad it is useful for you. Yes, correct posture is actually very important. It boost your confidence and makes you more energised, what enables you to take more from life during the day. It also goes well with being mindful at work. I think it’s important to not get crazy about these reminders. Just, to take it like fun, it’s the attitude, that may really make a meditation your lifestyle. Then you don’t need no reminders more, and benefits of meditation will be your daily bread 😉

      Great day, to you too!


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