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4 Best Sound Healing Certification Online Courses You Can Get!

These days, more than ever, it is possible to gain great skills and knowledge with online education. The opportunity to get sound healing certification online from the most experienced practitioners in the world is simply priceless.

It was not so long time ago, when it was necessary to often travel all across the world to get valuable training and certification, that is worth something.

Now, the boost in your career is just a few clicks away from you.

But, even if learning online is such a great opportunity, it is also challenging as well, and needs from you to develop certain attitude to make it really work.


Sound Healing Certification Online - Online Course

No matter, how is easy and how great online education idea may sound, there are certain things to be aware of, that comes with that, especially if you want to learn something practical like sound healing.

First of all, ask yourself, if you’re tech savvy enough to handle the technical aspect of having online classes. For most of the people, it will not be a big deal.

However, it’s good to be aware, that an online course will require to use your computer, laptop or maybe your phone to have access to it and to take active part.

You might need to be ready how to set the video chat with your instructor, or how to use camera to record yourself performing sound bath, so your tutor may give you feedback on it. In general, there might be a certain need of technical skill involved.

Just make sure, you can handle that. If you don’t feel so confident about it, ask for help your relatives or even the course organizers. In the end, these things are very intuitive and should take you no time to figure it out.

When attending real life workshops, you are physically present in the place, where the workshops happen. Hence, you have no other choice but to be totally involved in the training.

When attending classes online, you can stop the video any time and start doing something else. That’s of course great in some sense, it gives you more freedom, but also give you an opportunity for self sabotage and procrastination.

Sound Healing Certification Online - Time Management

Therefore, make sure you can really manage your time well, as it will require some self-discipline from you to finish training on time and to keep on progressing.

It’s easy to enroll any classes online, they are just a few clicks away. Think if you’re motivated enough to finish them, cause it will require from you a great deal of self motivation to finish some courses and get the certification.

Educating yourself online, you need to be truly an action taker, you need to no what do you want and believe in yourself to accomplish what you want.

Realize, that often it’s much easier to finish real life training, as to some extent you follow step by step an inertia of the group. Doing it online, contact with your peers is somehow limited, so you need to lead yourself along the course.

Online course may also sound like some piece of cake. Well, in fact, it can be much harder. You need to really focus to get the most from the materials like videos, articles and other things.

Of course, you may also get much more from the course like that, cause you can repeat the video and read an article once again.

But still, what changes an online course into a great opportunity is your willingness to learn, self motivation and reasonable time management.

It all sums up to a simple statement – believe in yourself!


Sound Healing Certification Online - What Do You Need It For?

There are different courses that are preparing you to become a sound healing practitioner.

Some of them focus more on teaching you how to play instruments, some of them focus more on how to use certain instruments to do actual body work on clients, some focus more on business side of your sound healing practice.

Think, what you want to get out of it, Maybe, you’re great with business and all you need is a little more understanding of how to use some instruments for the healing purposes.

Maybe, you are already a sound healer, but you’re looking for adding some new techniques to your skillset. There are online courses for you as well on the market.

Clarifying your expectations will definitely make it easier to choose something, that will help you the most to meet your goals.

The same about certificates you may get.

Ask yourself why do you need use one for?

As a sound healing practitioner mostly you will need to rely on your own entrepreneurship to get your business running. That’s a true fact. If you want to find out how using some digital marketing tricks could help you with that, check out this article here.

However, having a good certificate, can help your clients to trust you more and in some cases can help you to get the job in places like SPA saloons, some hospitals or Yoga studios.


Sound Healing Certification Online - Good CourseMaybe it sounds simple, but the good course should have a clear goal and should deliver the best training to get you there.

All of that can happen, only if the content is truly informative, precise and in-depth with what you want to learn. Good courses will have the whole program displayed point by point, so you exactly no, what it comes down to.

There should be some logic in the way the modules are put together, so everything make sense and it’s in the right order to learn.

It’s great if you can have some samples to check out if you resonate with the instructor in the video and with the style of the course itself. Sometimes, it can be a great value course, but not well-matched with you, as you need a different approach to go on with the learning for example.

How interactive is the course? Are there videos, articles, do they have e-books? How they test your knowledge and skills? What kind of assignments you get, are they practical and require from you a real effort? Is your knowledge tested and so on.

A good course offers a contact with the Instructor, even if it’s an e-mail contact or through some Facebook group or any other way, so you can always ask a question or ask for help.

One of the biggest disadvantages of online learning is lack of interaction with other students.

Well, that doesn’t need to be totally true, a good course should offer you a way to connect with other people that joined the class. Whether it’s Facebook group or some forum or a designed platform, that you get the access to with enrolling the course.

In some sense, you should feel like the course is challenging you and you can get some real deal skills and knowledge out of it, that will help you with your sound healing practice.

It’s even better, if the school has a good opinion. You should not only trust their website, but also look for the reviews somewhere else to see, what people may say about this certain course.

Examine the instructors, do you really trust them, that they can teach what you want to learn? That’s a really important factor. They not only should have a great knowledge and experience but they should also be great with transferring it.

Make sure also, that the certificate the school offers means something in the industry.

To help you with choosing the best sound healing online certification course, I picked the best 4 courses online, that are good both for the beginners and for the practitioners wanting to broad their skillset and knowledge.

These certificates really means something.


Sound Healing Certification Online - Sound Healing Academy Logo

Sound Healing Academy is well-established institution, which offers high quality courses, that are truly preparing you to become a professional sound healer. They are already for 17 years on the market.

Along these years, their activity gathered the whole community of sound healers, that are creating standards for this industry.

Enrolling their courses and following their steps seems like a reasonable choice, if you really want to afford your living by being a sound healer.

Education offered by the Academy is great both for beginners and advanced practitioners. They put together ancient wisdom with modern science development.

You can get the complex training, that will make you feel ready to this at full scale. You will gain your confidence and a lot of practical knowledge of what is sound healing, what is the whole philosophy behind it and how to use certain instruments in different ways.

Getting their certificates and diplomas you will be ready not only to run your own sound therapy business, but also to work in Spas, hospitals, care homes and wherever else your practice might be needed and appreciated.

Sound Healing Academy is an opportunity for you to learn the art of sound healing directly from experienced practitioners.

The academy is run by Tony Nec, who has 25 years of experience in this industry as a healer and a coach. His genuine approach will definitely inspire you to take out the most of this education opportunity.

They offer a various range of courses. There is one free introductory sound healing class, where you can get the general idea of what you may expect after enrolling paid options.

They have courses without certification, that are great for the people, that want to learn sound healing for personal purposes.

Certification courses focus more on the professional aspect of the matter. They also cost more, but deliver great deal of practical and proven skills and knowledge.

As they run their business since 2003 they can present of a lot of case studies and success stories of their students.

Except the certification courses, the Academy also offers level 2 diploma courses, which may take your sound healer carrier to even a higher level and make you fully confident and established practitioner.

As this is a real deal online training, it requires from you certain engagement as well.

Let’s take their most basic LEVEL 1 Certificate course called Foundations of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instrument).

Sound Healing Certification Online - Sound Healing Academy video

Name: Level 1 Foundations in Integral Sound Healing

Level: Beginners

Price: 398$

Time: 3 months

Certification: Yes

Requirements: 3 tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowl, shaker

30 days money back guarantee: Yes

In order to get the certificate, you will need to do certain assignments.

First of all, you have 3 months to give completed workbook back. To make it happen, you will need to do certain exercises and perform 3 actual sound healing sessions.

To make it happen, you will be provided with around 50 video tutorials, 6 audios, 56 page handbook, and already mentioned workbook, and some other resources too.

You will not be left alone, you may expect personal coaching from the support team, they will be happy to answer your questions and queries. You will get a personal feedback on your assignments. You will get the access to their Facebook group, when you will be able to ask for an extra support as well.

Maybe the most important for the morale, you will be entitled for the one live personal coaching session with an expert, one of the top sound healers associated with the Academy.

If you want to feel absolutely confident about your sound practitioner skills and craft, getting involved with Sound Healing Academy could be a very wise and safe choice. It might cost a bit to do one or a few courses with them, but it’s still very affordable, relating to what you may get from these courses.

It’s not only the course itself, but also the community behind, that you gain access to, what can be crucial for your business and development as a sound healer.

They also offer 100% 30-day money back guarantee if you feel like the course isn’t exactly for you.


Sound Healing Certification Online - Healing Courses Online Logo

Name: Sound Healing Online Course

Level: Beginners

Price: 244,30 Euro

Time: Your own pace

Certification: Yes

Requirements: Not mentioned

30 days money back guarantee: Yes

Sound Healing Certification Online - Healing Courses Online screen

They offer four healing courses, that you can get in the bundle. Sound healing course is a core part of it, but there you can also educate yourself with energy healing, you can learn energy healing for animals, which is something cool in my opinion, and learn techniques of self healing.

Courses are run by two healing practitioners John Donohoe and Patricia Hesnan, that have already 30 years of experience in training other people to become healers themselves.

They put a lot of quality in their training, so what you get online is what you would get in the workshops live.

You can find a lot of testimonials of their previous students on their website. Many of them developed professional careers in the healing industry.

Sound healing course with Healing Courses Online take you step by step to a better understanding of the craft and art of sound healing.

It’s a very informative course with 61 video lessons. You get an e-book too and bonus 6 audios with relaxation music, that you can use as a background for your healing sessions.

The good thing about this course is, that there is a nice balance of theory with practical training.

So, you will no exactly how sound healing works, both in scientific sense and through understanding of the energy flow aspect in the body.

The course also covers very practical guidance of how to work with clients suffering certain issues like stomach problems, heart problems or even there is a case study covering practical advises of how to help someone with a broken leg.

Moreover, you will also learn the exact way of how to work with the instruments, that are usually used during sound healing sessions. Not only you will learn how to play them, but also how to apply them during therapy process, and we’re talking about very specific training here, showing exactly how to work with certain conditions by using different instruments and techniques.

The course ends with an exam, that you will need to pass to get the diploma certificate. It’s a test with the questions about the whole course.

Healing Courses Online offer you 100% 30 days moneys back guarantee,

Important notice, the refund policy states, that you have 30 days and cannot exceed 25% of the course material to ask for the refund, if it’s not what you expected.


Sound Healing Certification Online - NEHC Logo

NEHC stands for New Earth Healing Center. They have very specific offer, that still falls into the category of sound healing, but the method is unique and promising as well.

They focus on using tuning forks for healing. There is plenty of video resources on their website, that have a lot of scientific touch to the methods they promote.

To be fair, the techniques you can learn with their online courses rely more on the vibrational aspect of the sound, than the sound itself and that’s very interesting.

To have the skills NEHC Academy can provide could be a great, precise and effective tool, that you could add to your healing skillset.

There are two courses you can choose from and one of them is completely free, including the certificate you may get from them, so let’s talk about this opportunity first.

Name: VCTCourse

Level: Beginners

Price: Free

Time: Your Own Pace

Certification: Yes, by request

Requirements: None

Sound Healing Certification Online - VCT Course screen

It’s called VCT(TM) Online Training, this stands for Vibrational Chrono Therapy. The philosophical principle behind this method refers to timing system, that our body functions with on the neurological and cellular level.

Therefore, it’s all about the synchronization. By implementing this therapy you are able to tune the body with the natural timing of the Earth and Universe in fact, binding microcosms and macrocosms, so to speak.

There are around 7 hours of video teachings with extra written content, that you can take advantage from. As the course is free and it’s more about promoting this method, you don’t need any equipment to start the training.

VCT method involves using unweighted tuning forks, so basically, this course delivers you all the information of how to use these instruments according to this form of therapy.

What’s really impressive, you can take all the knowledge a step further and change it into a professional skill by taking an exam, getting the certificate, and becoming an accredited VCT healing therapist with the permission of using NEHC Academy logo related to this method.

I believe, it’s a great value, but passing an exam, even if it’s for free, needs some effort and dedication from you.

Mainly, you need to apply for this certificate, then you will get 40 questions assessment and you will be ask to perform two case study therapies, when you apply what you learn with VCT course.

As long as VCT therapy is for free, the other course, you can accomplish online with NEHC Academy, is a fully professional paid course.

Name: VFRT Course

Level: Beginners

Price: 900$ (Tuition options)

Time: 6 months

Certification: Yes

Requirements: at least one 128Hz weighted tuning fork, preferably two more like that.

30 days money back guarantee: No

Sound Healing Certification Online - VFRT Course Screen

Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) is more advanced method, which is proven to release pain and improve patient’s body movement, and many more.

It could be a really useful tool in your healing repertoire. NEHC takes real care to educate future practitioners of this method with the highest standards possible.

You can follow the training in your own tempo, however you’re limited by 6 months time to complete it. According to their website, the course is estimated to accomplish within 4 months if you devote 5 hours of your studying per week.

However, the whole thing contains 7 modules and to progress to the next one, you need to have the skills you learnt checked in one-on-one session with the instructor.

You might be asked to present the footage, with your case study work, during these one-on-one sessions. Therefore, having a camera is needed, but the one you have in your phone should be enough.

To perform practical assignments you will also need volunteers, that will be happy to become your patients for the moment, and later will be eager to give you feedback about your work.

VFRT method is executed with using weighted 128Hz tuning forks and you need to own at least one instrument like that. The Academy gives you recommendations in this respect.

Course is packed with videos, written materials and quizzes. It all happens within Learning Management System on their website, that you get the access to after enrolling.

This training has no refund policy. You need to be really sure, you want to accomplish it, get the certificate, perform VFRT practice, and being accredited as VFRT therapist by NEHC Academy.


Sound Healing Certification Online - Medicine of Sound Logo

Name: Sound Healing PRO Part 1 and 2.

Level: Beginners

Price: 199,99 Euro for each part (expect huge Udemy discounts though)

Time: Your own pace

Certification: Yes

Requirements: Recommended having Tibetan singing bowl, crystal singing bowl, drum, gong or any other instrument.

30 days money back guarantee: Yes

Sound Healing PRO Course by Medicine of Sound contains 2 parts and you can find it on Udemy. Created by Chase, a community leader with more than 7 years of experience in facilitating sound baths.

He has a great approach, that makes you feel, things can be easy if you just set your mind right without unnecessary overthinking stuff. Chase finished many courses and traveled the world looking for interesting healing methods. He visited different places in South America, deriving knowledge from shamans or learning meditation with monks in South East Asia.

Taking this course, it’s more like taking advice from a friend, hence it’s really easy to follow. Moreover, Chase shares a lot of his practical approach and that’s maybe the greatest value of the course.

He is standing in your shoes, basically, he preaches what he lives. If you want to become successful sound healing practitioner, create an amazing community around what you do, earn some money or maybe even sustain yourself by doing this, he is definitely a great inspiration.

Therefore, you may find a great deal of skills, knowledge, experience and practical approach shared within this course. It can inspire you and may show simple ways of how to deal with challenges on your way to become sound practitioner.

Even the questions, that at some point may arise like, when you no you ready to start running sessions, how to charge your friends and don’t feel awkward about that, will be answered within this course.

Both courses together have 15(9 + 6) hours of video lessons, some written articles and some bonuses in the end of Part 2.

You can purchase either Part 1 or Part 2 or both of them.

Part 1 focus on the instruments, how to play them, how to use them, how to choose them, how to work with them and much more.

There are many instruments covered in this course. Even if you are not interested in playing all of them, you will get an idea of what you could incorporate to your practice in the future.

We talk about crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, flutes, gongs, crystal pyramids, guitar and many more, including very complexed section about how to play didgeridoo.

Therefore, be aware, that Part1 of the course covers mostly technical part of how to use these instruments and incorporate them into sound bath sessions, and it’s Part 2, that is more about the business with all the precious advises and angles of how to do it.

You will learn how to scale your business, you will understand, why you shouldn’t be afraid to call your sound healing practice a business, and why it’s better to take care of this side of things, if you struggle to call your practice a business.

Sound Healing Certification Online - Medicine of Sound course screen

In the Part 2 of the course, you will understand how to attract new clients. There is a chance, that you may get what necessary to start thinking about your practice as a ticket to financial freedom and sustainability.

Chase will share with you how to become a great facilitator of the group and the leader of community.

You will also learn how to perform one-on-one sessions and how to attract the clients looking for these kinds of sessions.

The great thing about this course lays in the underlying feeling you get from it, that you don’t need to be any great musician or some sort of energy healer to run sound baths.

It’s enough to learn, how to hold a space, how to let these instruments to do their job, how not to interrupt that and you’re good to go, at least to start doing it, the rest you learn with time and practice.

Additionally, you can ask any questions and keep in touch with other students in the devoted Facebook group, which you will get access to.

As the course is on Udemy, you may find crazy discount on that, that’s good to no.

You get the certificate in the end of the course.

Actually you lose nothing to enroll this one, as there is 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the course.


Sound Healing Certification Online - which one is for you?

You have here 4 great options.

Simply, if you want to develop great career and get in touch with the world top sound healers, go for Sound Healing Academy. There are plenty of courses, that you can do with them to move your practice to the highly professional level.

Same, if you want to get a certificate of a great value in an affordable price Sond Healing Course with Healing Courses Online will provide you a great deal of practical skills and knowledge. Not to mention, the instructor is super experienced healer.

If by any chance, you are attracted with tuning forks, you have a possibility to test their free VCT Course. You can also dig deeper into the subject and enroll VFRT Course, which provides a sound healer with highly effective sound healing vibrational technique. I believe, it could enrich practice of every sound healer out there.

There is also a great value in Medicine of Sound PRO courses, especially in terms of how to run a business in our modern environment, considering of how it all works in the industry right now. You will also learn how to play all the necessary instruments and more. Awesome, that you can purchase this course with some huge Udemy discounts, so it’s extremely worth it.

Hope, you will find something for yourself and this article is helpful for you.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to leave a comment. Maybe you finished one of these courses or some other one, that you think I should mention here, then let me no by taking part in the discussion below.

All the best!


Founder of Sound And Bowl

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