Tibetan Singing Bowls And Healing – How It Works?

That isn’t obvious, isn’t it? Are singing bowls magical objects with the power to heal and to put us in a trance state? Their ancient origins, little information about their history and purposes of use in the past, make them very mysterious objects. Well, could this be just their sound that have this amazing impact on our health and mind balance? Most probably it is, but how intriguing that is in general, that the sound could have such strong potential. It seems to be somehow magical anyway. In this post I’m going to look closer at Tibetan singing bowls and healing capabilities of them.


Singing bowl is an instrument and like any other instrument can produce a sound when played a proper way. It’s a specific instrument somehow, it’s a bell, but standing bell. You may strike it with a mallet like you strike a drum, you can also rub an edge with it, like you play on a wine glass. Most usually you can’t play all the seven tones on a singing bowl and most often you can play two different tones. One when you strike a bowl, and other when you’re using a singing technique. What’s unique to a singing bowl it’s most of all a singing effect and how rich it can be with harmonics and overtones.


Like any other instrument, singing bowl generates a sound. Whole body of a bowl is vibrating and resonating and creating a wave in a certain shape and of a certain frequency. Human bodies can hear the sound and feel the vibration of it. Why Tibetan singing bowls and healing go together? It’s because of the nature of the sound that bowls generates. Depending on a quality of the manufacture, the waves a singing bowl may produce are similar with the waves that our brain naturally generates. Our state of mind can be measured and portrayed as specific waves. The waves that our brain generates when we are in the state of deep relaxation are exactly the same with the waves a singing bowl sings with.

The brain activity can be defined by 4 different states. During a day, when we’re naturally alert, talking with someone and so on, we are in the Beta state. Singing bowls most will usually resonate with our Alpha state, which happens when we relaxed, not thinking much, but definitely we’re not sleeping. Some bowls may resonate with the Theta state, which happens when we are in a deep relaxation or meditation. It’s a state very close to a perfect calm. Naturally, actually happens when we are in REM sleeping phase or less naturally during hypnosis. Both Alpha and Theta are states, where our brain refreshing itself, where hemispheres are more synchronized and where we have access to unlimited creativity.


We can put, the magic of singing bowls, down to science now. It all bases on simple laws of physics. Playing bowls generates waves that are resonating with our brain waves, what put our mind in states, where this actually heal body-mind organism on its own. Definitely it’s much truth in it. However, maybe there’s something more to it?

Playing a bowl is a beautiful act itself. To reach the sound you need to do very meditative movement, running a mallet around the edge in a slow tempo, clockwise. Just this has a relaxing side to it. Voices of bowls, the way they sound put you in a meditative atmosphere. It’s simply a pleasant experience. It maybe a sort of ritual, that gives some feeling of celebration to it. This kind of situation definitely influencing our mood and make us feel good. That itself is a positive experience.


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Eastern religions and philosophies often speak about “OM” as an eternal sound, that vibrates in everything that exists. To repeat “Om” mantra is a very common meditation. Playing bowls can give you that impression of hearing exactly this “Om” sound. Let’s then add something mystical to it.

Chanting OM sound it’s known to be very beneficial itself. Doing so improves self healing potential and it’s very good for immunity of the body. It’s the same what is told about singing bowls to be good for. Chanting Om synchronizes hemispheres, increasing your brain functions potentials. Boosting concentration, ability to focus and creativity. It’s balancing blood pressure, again same like bowls may do for you. It’s putting yourself in a state of a deep relaxation. Resonance of this sound goes all over the body and it’s believed all that relaxation affects each cell, balancing the body-mind system. All of this can happen when you meditate properly. In this case bowls, or an Om chant simply help you to put yourself in this meditative state.

Learn more on my post about Om meditation.


Let’s see closer now, how Tibetan singing bowls and healing go together. I mean what kind of benefits you can tak out of this kind of sound therapy or by simply using a singing bowl at home for relaxation, meditation, healing.

  • stress relief
  • anxiety reduction
  • immunity boost
  • lowering blood pressure
  • relief from anger
  • pain relief
  • balances hormones in the body
  • deep relaxation
  • gives better emotion understanding
  • boost creativity
  • boost mental capabilities
  • makes more happy with yourself
  • better intuition


It’s interesting how a simple mechanics of sound and vibration can give such positive effect on our bodies. In some sense it seems to be a trigger to wake up our default healing capabilities. The other reason why singing bowls therapy can be so beneficial is, that they givie us an excuse to look within. They help to easily let go our daily worries and just look at ourselves from here and now perspective. There’s no judgment and we can be really honest with ourselves and realize what really has value for us. That’s healthy for the mind in a very basic sense.

That brings us to the point, where self-realization and spirituality topic enters. The meditative state brings us closer to understand life in a bigger picture, where our problems seems smaller. Wonder, beauty, peace, love, joy of our inside world becoming our surprise. Where all of that is coming from? Are that just hormones? Naturally we tend to value our experience of life more. We want to be healthier, taking better life choices, be more fair with our true call. We are also becoming ethically more conscious as we start to understand, that we all are one in a some sense. These outcomes of different meditative activities, including singing bowls, leading us to appreciate more life and our health.

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It seems that a sound of singing bowls can have really big impact on our wellness. Reaching relaxation states of mind with them, activates self-healing capabilities of our organisms. It doesn’t look very complicated at all. Definitely there’s no magic behind it and it makes scientific sense. It reveals that the magic is within us instead, by pointing, that what’s important is already inside. It reveals unlimited potential and open the doors to explore it, but first of all, it brings us joy. Happy people have a potential to be more healthy and that’s what is all about.

The question is, how we’re going to access this potential? Taking an advantage of singing bowls is definitely a beautiful way to do it. Tibetan singing bowls and healing you may experience with them can be start to a beautiful spiritual journey, where you might meet your true self.

I invite you to leave a comment, maybe you want to ask some question, feel welcomed to do it!

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6 thoughts on “Tibetan Singing Bowls And Healing – How It Works?”

  1. Hey Dario,

    Great read, I love these, they are so soothing. But you are on track with the healing properties of the sound waves. I would not be without mine.

    Thank you

    • Hello JoAnne!

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, they’re very much soothing. It’s good to have one, they also look beautiful at home 🙂

  2. Hi Dario, thank you so much for sharing this amazing article, what a world of knowledge. Your post is so informative and I learned so much. I didn’t have any knowledge about singing bowls and their healing power, this is quite amazing information.
    I like it how you state that happier people are healthier and totally agree with this. Our mental health and well being is often underestimated and not completely acknowledged in our holistic health. However, your article definitely highlights this importance for sure.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us, I really appreciate it. Jude

  3. Yes, I’m glad I can be helpful, and that’s really cool, you find this information amazing. I’m not a doctor but definitely I think our mental states are the big factor, when we’re talking about our health. With a proper attitude we can definitely improve it. Surprisingly, devices like singing bowls appear to be very powerful. However I think, they’re only an excuse to see that true power is already in us, and whatever it is, we need to examine that with our own experience.

    I appreciate your comment, thank you!

  4. Hi Dario,

    I’ve had a singing bowl for years and love it. People that come over always want to pick it up and play with it.

    I’m glad you mentioned that “OM” part. I’ve never tried it, but will soon!


    • Definitely, it’s a beautiful object. If I visit you I would pick it up as well 🙂 When you try Om meditation, you are very welcomed to come back and share about your experience.


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