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Crystal singing bowl is a modern kind of singing bowl made in 99% out of quartz in an industrial process, subjected to around 4000 degrees temperature. It is an instrument that you can play the same way like traditional Tibetan singing bowl. In the process of making, a single crystal bowl is tuned to a certain tonal frequency. It doesn’t generate overtones like a Tibetan bowl but has one certain tone. It has a pleasant soothing sound that may cause healing effects. That’s why sound therapist started using this instrument in their sessions lately. What is crystal singing bowl more exactly, and what are principles it’s working on, well, let’s dig into it!


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Crystals in general are fossils of water that are based on some mineral. They are forming for long years in natural environment but also can be made artificially. Crystal used for making singing bowls like that is formed from silica sand and oxygen. Extreme temperatures totally purify crystals during the production process. Actually quartz is one the most abundant minerals on the planet Earth and silicon itself is widely used in microelectronics industry as semiconductor. It’s also used within laser technology.

Quartz crystals in gemstone world are known for their healing properties. It’s said they are excellent for harmonizing environment around and also good for boosting levels of mental and physical energy. They’re amplifying whatever emotion or intention we put in, when working with them. It’s also said that you can program a crystal and use it to structure your body or the water you drink with any intention you want. Basically they’re good for storing, transmitting and focusing information. Many of these ideas come from Marcel Vogel, IBM specialist that caused to build fundamentals for quartz based technology in the computer industry.


Our bodies are made of water up to 70% and everything in our body is some sort of structure. The sound of crystal bowl directly influence the body on this structural level, helping to restore natural balance. Moreover, silicon is the third most abundant element in our organism. By using Quartz singing bowls we’re referring to certain vibrational information that our body already is very familiar with. That makes the sound of crystals more close to what our organism knows and what may be very efficient according to healing. That’s why some people prefer crystal singing bowls over traditional metal ones, as they claim metals are not so common in our bodies in comparison to silicon and water. Therefore, the sound of them is more foreign to our system and not as much easily resonating as the sound of quartz bowls.

They’re also generates singular tones, when metal singing bowls have a wide range of overtones within the sound they make. That difference makes crystal bowls more specific instruments that can be used in a more melodic context. However, it’s believed that it makes them more targeted devices. Take together quartz crystal properties, healing properties of the sound and vibrations and then, you have almost laser sharp tool. You can put some whatever healing intention into it and send it to your body as an information.


Their ability to play an exact one tone make them also very good devices for chakra healing. According to eastern spiritual traditions our body is not only a flesh. Everything is an energy that constantly overflow in all forms of life. Our bodies are full of energetic canals and centers that are responsible to transform and transmit this energy, so the body can serve it purpose and we are able to experience life the way we do. These centers are called chakras. Traditionally it’s said that there’s seven of them. Each of them emits certain frequency. When we healthy they’re all balanced, working in their full potential, so we can use our bodies at their best to live life. They situated along the spine, where the Root chakra is at the bottom and the Crown chakra is at the top of our head.

Each chakra is working with a certain frequency that can be perceived as a sound. This is how chakras relate to tones.

  • Root – C
  • Sacral – D
  • Solar Plexus – E
  • Heart – F
  • Throat – G
  • Third Eye – A
  • Crown – B

Crystal singing bowls often are available as a whole set targeted to balance all chakras. Beneficial effect takes place by playing soothing and relaxing tones corresponding to each chakra.


photo by Daniela Bennici – Augsburg

Playing crystal bowls is the same easy as playing Tibetan bowls. You just need to strike gently a bowl and then move the mallet around the rim to get a singing effect. Of course, it may take some practice. It’s important to note that crystal bowls are much more delicate than traditional ones. They require much more gentleness when played or when transported, because they may crumble or brake. However, they are still kind of solid instruments and can serve us lifetimes, but being cautious definitely could be helpful to maintain them for this long time. From the other hand they are not as heavy as traditional bowls, what can be some advantage in some cases.


Crystal singing bowls are coming with many different sizes and shapes. Some of them looks like calyxes where you can hold them in your hand and play. They’re also not just purely a quartz crystals. Often there are other elements added for color, for sound or for spiritual properties. They may have chromium, platinum or gold admixtures to it, for instance. There are also products offering different gemstones added for their healing capabilities. Often you may meet a bowl with a frosted form. They’re not as transparent as the clear Quartz one, they bigger and heavier with greater resonance.


People, who tend to prefer crystal singing bowls over Tibetan singing bowls claim that crystal bowls are a proper sacred instruments of our time. It was good to use metal singing bowls in a Bronze Age but in our modern times we should use crystals, as it is something that our body knows better on a structural level and it represents higher kind of spiritual science. They also claim that because of such close relation to our bodies, crystal bowls have immediate effect. They can heal us instantly, because our body understands the vibration, that crystals vibrates with, very well.


Crystal singing bowl sound very warm, soothing and calm. They are very good to get the ASMR feeling. Basically they’re causing similar healing effects to any other instrument known for sound healing capabilities.

  • Stress relief
  • anxiety reduction
  • empowering immune system
  • balancing blood pressure
  • deep relaxation
  • balancing hormones level
  • improving focus and mental clarity

They’re generating sonic waves from alpha to delta, that our brain works on in a deep relaxation states, where the potential for healing and self understanding is the highest.

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What is crystal singing bowl? It is a modern instrument. It’s very good for focused healing, because of its quartz crystal properties, when it can amplify and transmit information instantly. They have very pleasant and soothing sound for the ear. In general reception, their sound is much more simpler and reduced from all the extra harmonics than traditional Tibetan bowls deliver. Their touch is much more delicate and seems to be perceived more fr om within, it’s almost relating with our own silence, where their sound is just a pretext to hear yourself. No wonder they have become so popular last years.

There’s much more to learn about crystal singing bowls. In case of any questions, please leave a comment.

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