What Is Sound Bathing And What To Expect?

I realized that often, when people hear of a sound bath, they imagine having a bath literally with a company of the music and other people. When actually it’s just a metaphorical name for a sound therapy, where you can sink into the sounds of relaxing music played by a therapist. It’s not just any music. People responsible for sound baths use instruments known for their beneficial effects on listeners. Music is relaxing and inviting us to let go whatever else, and just to find a relief in an unspoken sweet taste of the present moment. What is sound bathing for and how exactly it looks, here we go!


Most often, sound bath is a group session, somewhere in your local Yoga Studio, or in a place chosen by the therapist that can contain group of people. You would probably need to dress comfortably but there wouldn’t be any special requirements as long as it’s traditional sound bath, not some mix of Yoga classes with a sound therapy. Preferably it would be great if you don’t wear any metal elements in your clothes or on you, stuff like belts and of this kind.

It’s much recommended to be well hydrated before the session and after. Up to 70 % of our body is water. The sound produced during the session may have strong impact on the body. It gives deeply relaxing effect. Vibrations are affecting all the cells, some cleansing process may take place. When, the body is hydrated it’s easier to get rid of unwanted elements that might be released out of the system.

You may find out that yoga mat and a blanket will be already waiting for you. There will be no expectation from you to do anything but just to relax and keep the silence, not to disturb other participants. Probably there will be suggestion to sit comfortable or to lay down.

In the situation like this, depending on how loud is the sound, you may also be surprised with other people’s digestion sounds, from the belly. That’s completely natural as the body is in a state of comfort and releases tensions everywhere, so it’s natural for the belly to murmur. It may happen also to you, so remember there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. This may happen to everyone that attending sessions like that. Don’t worry.


At the beginning your therapist probably will explain the nature of the event and will tell you all the relevant and useful things you need to know. Most probably he already did explain some basics before you came to the studio. You would be told, how to dress, what to bring with you and so on, or you would be directed somewhere, where you can get that information. After that the sound therapist will start all the fun part, starting from setting you to a right mood.

It may will be some sort of guided meditation or some breathing exercise. The goal is to bring you to the meditative state, so you can let go everything, whatever it is on your mind that day, and get ready to take as much benefit as you can from the sound bath experience.

What happen the next is very individual to each sound therapist. They will probably have different set of instruments, some of them will be playing more neutral sounds, some of them will play sort of ambient music for you, using drums, and melodies. Nothing is better or worse, that’s just all about preference. When, the intentions and approach is clear and authentic all of that should be very beneficial experience.


The most popular instruments used during sound bath sessions are rather singing bowls. Whether they are traditional Tibetan singing bowls or modern crystal version they really work well for the people performing sound baths. Their sound is very soothing, and is immediately easy to associate with relaxation and meditation. Among many instruments I think singing bowls are the most favorite for the therapists.

They may also have gongs in their set. Their majestic and mystical strong sound penetrates all the body and soul, at the same time relating to everything that’s majestic, mystical and strong in you. Reminding you that this life is actually happening and it’s important. What are you giving value to? Here the video with Jere Friedman playing a real big gong, so you can get an idea how big potential this instrument has.

Repeatedly there are other different instruments in the set like the shruti box, air pressed keyboard of Indian origin, kalimbas, chimes, drums, didgeridoos. Some therapists are chanting mantras, doing voices or singing prayers. It really depends from the different therapists approach.


That’s why if you think of taking part in such an event, examine exactly if the approach, of the person you will have a sound bath with, fits you. Some of them might have strong emphasis on chakra healing and balancing, but maybe you’re don’t believe into these things, or maybe the opposite, you’re very much into it. Maybe some Yoga Studio have different topics for each sound bath happening in their place, pick some topic for you. In general it is simply a great experience, that is nice to take advantage from, so realize that there’s maybe a choice and you can pick something that really is harmonized with your outlook on life. Sound bathing isn’t only reserved for people interested into spirituality. Although it helps people with their spiritual journey a lot, it’s also very beautiful and relaxing experience, that’s great for our health and general wellness.


The sound during session will not be a regular music that you may know from the radio. Moreover, sounds may sometimes be really intensive. The point is to bath you in the sound, slowly you will feel taken away from your regular daily set of sensual experiences. It will take your body and mind to a completely different zone, where there will be so much sound and vibrations that you will experience, with your senses, almost a different world. It will give you a chance to look at yourself and life from the fresh point of view, where you can simply stop. The experience like that may bring a lot off mental benefits that are supporting physical healing process.

Image by Devanath from Pixabay

Sound bathing brings focus and clarity of thinking, helping to better manage and organize your thinking process. You may feel inspired to take some decisions about your life and finally feel the power to take actions. Moreover, it may be supported by your improved reasoning, as you might experience much more strength and confidence with your thinking and to be able to judge much better, what’s important and what it’s just information noise.

It might lead to changes in the way you feel about yourself. Sharpened mind may bring you more self-esteem and trust in yourself. That could only improve your mood and relations with other people, give you more satisfaction and sense of happiness, you would be more inclined not to overthink stuff and take your life more spontaneously, what may bring you more joy, sense of wonder and may increase your ability to be surprised by simple things.

What is sound bathing doing to our mind also reflects on the body. Especially it strengthens the immune system and helping to reduce inflammatory disorders. It also helps to sooth and minimize symptoms of breathing disorders. Not to mention lowering blood pressure effect and correcting the pulse. It may also influence glands to balance hormones in the body. In some cases it can help with reducing the pain.

It also can have a lot of spiritual benefits. Sound bathing gives you a moment for yourself, when you can look inside and recognize what really have a value for you. When, you are more in line with your true self the intuition is getting stronger. Meditative states opens gates to inner senses in general. Don’t want to write now about it in particular, however sound bath may help you to understand your place in this universe, help you find less or more satisfying answers for fundamental questions. You may also experience that life is about something bigger. You may experience a sense of god or to have an experience of some sort of divinity.


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Basically sound bathing is a beautiful experience on many levels. It’s aesthetically beautiful. Full of sounds, harmonics, tones and overtones, many exotic, magical and beautiful instruments. Sound therapists often turn the lights down low for the cozy vibe in a place. It’s almost really like a bath, when you can just let go and let the sound surround you. Despite it’s not a private session you are there with many people, yet trough the magic of the sound you have a chance to meet yourself alone. It’s very intimate experience that happens among others.

Effects of the sand bath stay with you for a some time. You may feel like you are tuned to being happy after all. Your internal dialogue quiets down and basically you’re revitalized, more excited about life.

I hope I explained enough what is sound bathing. If you want to know something more, or you want to add something, just leave a comment and I really encourage you to do so. I will be happy to answer.

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