Where to buy singing bowls?

Where To Buy Singing Bowls? – Best Shops!

You may wonder, where to buy singing bowls? There are many places and ways you can purchase singing bowls. Especially now, when the global market is full of choice, it’s really easy to find products of different quality and price all over the Internet. You just need to know, where to look for, to find singing bowls meeting your expectations.

Therefore, ask yourself, what are your expectations regarding singing bowls? Basically, if you realize this, then it’s so much easier to know, where to look.

In this industry you may find very poor quality products, looking cheap and sounding like a toy. Still, it might be something you’re looking for, if you need it for a gift, or want yo child to be occupied with some toy for upcoming months. It’s actually a great idea.

However, there are also real artisan masterpieces out there, bowls looking majestic and sounding like angel choirs. Of course, you need to pay a bit more for them. Good news, unless they’re antique, you may find really amazing hand-made bowls, that are surprisingly very affordable. Keep reading, we will get there soon within this article.


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I wouldn’t be fair with you, if I don’t mention to check the local shops around for singing bowls. There is a possibility, that you live in some really big city. Then. There is a big chance, there are some shops there, where you can buy some decent singing bowls.

What’s more important, there is a chance for you to try them out live. The best way to buy an instrument is to check it for yourself. To see it with your eyes, to play it for a while, simply to find out how it resonates with you. Have a closer look if there are any imperfections or defects.

Check around, if there is any shop, that you could buy singing bowls there in your local area. Truly, there are little shops in the world selling just singing bowls, unless in Nepal. So if you can’t find any singing bowls store, try some places with oriental things, or some hippy stands, some stores with instruments too. Surely, you will find some singing bowls there.

Be aware though, depending on the shop, they may have limited offer. It’s possible you will not be able to find something, that you really look for. In that case, it’s better to get, what your really want online, life is short and why to be satisfied with half measures?

Luckily, there is actually an abundance of choice online, and yes, maybe you can’t touch a bowl, look closely at it, play it and hear the sound, but there are retailers, that make it as possible as it gets for you. Stay tuned, we will get there soon!


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Let’s say you haven’t found anything in your local shops for you and you’re not looking for anything truly fancy. You definitely don’t want to overpay, and you don’t need your singing bowl for any kind of professional use.

Maybe you have only some gift idea or you want to just have a try, but you don’t know if singing bowls are something for you?

Well, I’m going to show you the places, where you can buy something inexpensive, but I will not stop here, I’m going to help you to choose some best quality singing bowls in this price range.

First of all, check my article. Here you can find reviews of the compact size bowls in affordable prices.

I just need to let you know, what you’re paying for, when you choose inexpensive singing bowl. The most often it’s a brass product, made on the lathe, so it’s not really hand made, even though, manufactures claim it is, well, it’s not always necessary true.

They will sometimes make some hammer marks here and there, so it looks like hand-made. Just want you to be aware of that.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean the product like that is only bad. Actually, it can be great sounding, nice looking singing bowl. Many people, purchasing items like that, found them amazing for meditation, they still might look great and so on. I believe, for some of you, it’s exactly, what you look for.

Therefore, the best places, to buy some inexpensive singing bowl of some value are The Ohm Store and Silent Mind. Check them out.


Where to buy singing bowls? - new
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If you’re looking for something professional, it doesn’t mean you need to overpay. Luckily, there are retailers on the market offering amazing choice of unique hand-made singing bowls, that will simply blow your mind.

Singing bowls are really special instruments. Their sound and the way they affect our mind and body is so special, that it’s so easy to fall in love with them. There is also some mystery behind their origins, all is known for sure, they originated somewhere in Himalayan region.

In the places like Nepal for example, there is a lot of artisans making bowls traditional way, generation to generation. They are exactly like antique bowls but new. Made from bell bronze metal, which has perfect resonance, looking solid, strong and majestic.

Some retailers from the West have long-lasting business connections with the best artisans and manufactures of singing bowls in Himalayan region, mainly Nepal. Their experience enables them to pick the best bowls there on the market and then offer them again on their websites, and in their shops.

They are picked for their best sound, full of harmonic overtones with a long sustain and you may be sure, that’s some best bowls, that were ever made.

Check Himalayan Bowls and iSingingBowls for the bowls like that. Both online stores offer unique pictures of the exact bowl you will get and the exact sound sample of the bowl you’re about to purchase.

Whether you need something for your personal use or you complement your sound healing set, that are probably the best places to find some the most exciting bowls in an amazing price.


To find a great antique singing bowl is not a piece of cake. Especially if you don’t know how to judge its authenticity and the age. It’s too easy to be scammed.

The good thing, you might find something old and cool, sounding amazing in a really affordable price. That’s why it’s worth to look for the product like that, with its own story and unique sound, that you can’t compare to anything, that is made now, simply because of the quality of aging metal, giving more warm and peaceful sound.

The best way to avoid that would be going for a bowl hunt with an expert, but it’s hard to find anyone like that around really. You may also read all the advises online of how to recognize an antique singing bowl. Personally, I believe, it will give you a clue but will not make you an expert.

Be careful then, don’t be too quick, when thinking of purchasing antique singing bowl. I believe though, that this video may help you to get an idea of what antique singing bowls are and how to recognize them.

What would I do? I would find trusted retailers first, that have antique singing bowls already in their collections, instead of reacting on offers of individual sellers, where I have no idea, whether I can trust them or not. Unless I’m an expert and know exactly how to recognize and classify a singing bowl in style, age and quality.

Other risky thing to do is to research Facebook groups or looking on Etsy. Of course, you may find some authentic thing, but I would be super careful with that. People sometimes call a singing bowl antique, cause they think all of them are antique.

To be sure you really deal with authentic products check antiquesingingbowls.com online retailer. Both Himalayan Bowls and iSingingBowls also have great antique singing bowls collections. Check them out!


To buy a singing bowl. First decide, what do you need it for? Then, you will know, where to look for.

I’m not giving you here thousands of links. I did an honest research and although, I’m sure there are other places, where you can buy decent products, these are online stores, that standing out with their offer. Hope you enjoy this choice.

Definitely, don’t forget to look around for the shops in your local area, that might offer singing bowls. It will be always the best, to try the instrument live before buying.

Follow your intuition, the feeling in you, that tells you if this is the right bowl or not. Remember it’s you who’s going to use it on daily basis. You must love the sound, the bowl needs to truly resonate with you. Some people say, that the bowl chooses you, not the opposite.

If you have any question, leave the comment below. Maybe you need some extra resources or you need an advice, I’m here to help, so don’t be afraid to ask, that’s my joy to be helpful here. If you want to recommend some place, where they offer great singing bowls, just leave a comment too.

All the best!


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  1. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a singing bowl for sale in a local shop. My sister-in-law was talking about them the other day and it did cross my mind to look into getting one for her as a gift, as her birthday is next month. So, thank you very much indeed for putting this article together because I didn’t know where to look.

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